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Volume 42  •  Issue 1  •  Fall 2014  •  Pages 1 to 212

Probability, Confidence, and the Constitutionality of Summary Judgment
by Luke Meier

Incoherent and Indefensible: An Interdisciplinary Critique of the Supreme Court’s Void-for-Vagueness Doctrine
by Ryan McCarl

The Story of Prudential Standing
by S. Todd Brown

Criminalizing the Armchair Terrorist: Entrapment and the Domestic Terrorism Prosecution
by Dejan M. Gantar

Using Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act to Fight Voter Suppression Tactics After Shelby County v. Holder Without a New Section 4(b) Formula
by Jessica Cassella

Concussion Crisis: Regulating the NFL’s Concussion Policy Under the Commerce Clause
by Margaret Greer



Mark your calendars for the Volume 42 Symposium "The Religious Rights of Corporations in the Aftermath of Hobby Lobby" with keynote speaker Erwin Chemerinsky. Friday February 20, 2015 in the UC Hastings ARC. More details to follow.

The CLQ student note written by Ameet Nagra ('14) was recently cited by a federal district court in Critical Care Diagnostics, Inc. v. American Association for Clinical Chemistry, Inc., 2014 WL 634206, at *5.



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