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Volume 41  •  Issue 4  •  Summer 2014  •  Pages 707 to 1002

Violent Video Games and the Rights of Children and Parents: A Critique of Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association
by Martin Guggenheim

Check, Pleas: Toward a Jurisprudence of Defense Ethics in Plea Bargaining
by Hadar Aviram, Deanna Dyer and S. C. Thomas

The New Jim Crow? Recovering the Progressive Origins of Mass Incarceration
by Anders Walker

On War and Peace in Cyberspace
- Security, Privacy, Jurisdiction -
by Lothar Determann and Karl T. Guttenberg

The Constitutionality of Prolonged Administrative Segregation for Inmates Who Have Received Sex Reassignment Surgery
by Eric T. Fleischaker

S.B. 9: A Second Chance for Juveniles Serving Life Without Parole in California in Theory--and Why It Won't Make a Difference in Practice
by Evan Reese

Alive Not Dead: The Revival of Redevelopment Post-Matosantos
by Helen Luu Chou



Thank you for joining us at our 2014 symposium, "The Value of Privacy," exploring the value of privacy to individuals, our political system, security, and economy. Video from our event may be found here.

HCLQ's Autonomy, Debate, and Corporate Speech by David Shelledy was cited by Justice Stevens in his opinion, dissenting in part and concurring in part, in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission for the proposition that at the time the First Amendment was ratified, all corporate activities were regarded as resting "entirely in a concession of the sovereign."



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