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Volume 44  •  Issue 2  •  Winter 2017  •  Pages 115 to 254

Agent Narc Is Not Your Client: Reflections on the Proper Understanding of the Relationship Between Prosecutors and Investigating Agencies
by Carrie Leonetti

Dignity and the Death Penalty in the United States Supreme Court
by Bharat Malkani

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A Tipsy Balance: Dormant Commerce Clause Limits on a State’s Prerogatives Under the Twenty-first Amendment
by Sherry Truong

The Evolution of American Discovery in Light of Constitutional Challenges: The Role of the 2015 Rule Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
by Tom Lin


If you missed the Volume 42 Symposium "The Religious Rights of Corporations in the Aftermath of Hobby Lobby" with keynote speaker Erwin Chemerinsky the recording is available here.

The CLQ student note written by Ameet Nagra ('14) was recently cited by a federal district court in Critical Care Diagnostics, Inc. v. American Association for Clinical Chemistry, Inc., 2014 WL 634206, at *5.


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