Volume 44: Issue 1
Christopher Slobogin The American Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Mental Health Standards: Revisions for the Twenty-First Century 1-36
Mark Strasser Government Speech and Circumvention of the First Amendment 37-60
Steven Wall Waiving Goodbye: In Memory of the Reasonable-Doubt Standard 61-88
Christine Sung Deciding with Dignity: The Terminally Ill Patient’s Right to Information About the California End of Life Option Act 89-114

Volume 43: Issue 4
Earl M. Maltz The 2016 Election and the Future of Constitutional Law: The Lessons of 1968 735-758
Brent E. Newton The Real-World Fourth Amendment 759-810
Ann Woolhandler Procedural Due Process Liberty Interests 811-860
Jency Megan Butler Shocking the Eighth Amendment’s Conscience: Applying a Substantive Due Process Test to the Evolving Cruel and Unusual Punishments Clause 861-884
Vladyslav Dembitskiy Where Else Is the Appearance of Corruption Protected by the Constitution? A Comparative Analysis of Campaign Finance Laws After Citizens United and McCutcheon 885-910
Ivana Dukanovic Reforming High-Stakes Police Departments: How Federal Civil Rights Will Rebuild Constitutional Policing in America 911-948
Deepa Sharma Out of Thin Air: Evaluating the Legality of the Clean Power Plan Under the Equal Sovereignty Principle 949-970

Volume 43: Issue 3
John T. Bennett The Harm in Hate Speech: A Critique of the Empirical and Legal Bases of Hate Speech Regulation 445-536
Edward J. Schoen Completing Government Speech’s Unfinished Business: Clipping Garcetti’s Wings and Addressing Scholarship and Teaching 537-585
Brendan Selby Must Courts Respect Hidden Legislative Bargains? 587-647
Jeanette M. Acosta The Right to Education for Unaccompanied Minors 649-676
Danielle Bogaards Examining the Americans with Disabilities Act’s Reassignment Provision Through an Equal Protection Lens 677-704
Olga Y. Kuchins Out of the Shadows: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Deferred Action to Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents, and Executive Prosecutorial Discretion in Immigration Law 705-733

Volume 43: Issue 2
Randy Beck Twenty-Week Abortion Statutes: Four Arguments 187-240
Josh Blackman & Howard M. Wasserman The Process of Marriage Equality 243-335
Jeffrey Shulman Meyer, Pierce, and the History of the Entire Human Race: Barbarism, Social Progress, and (the Fall and Rise of) Parental Rights 337-387
Chelsea Ellen Heaney Youthfulness Matters: A Call to Modernize Juvenile Waiver Statutes 389-422
Kyle C. Walker Operation Inherent Resolve and the Reemergence of the Debate Over the War Powers Resolution 423-443

Volume 43: Issue 1
Evan Tsen Lee Why California’s Second-Degree Felony- Murder Rule Is Now Void for Vagueness 1-58
E.H. Morreim EMTALA: Medicare’s Unconstitutional Condition on Hospitals 61-91
Caitlin Kelly-Garrick Using The Endangered Species Act to Preempt Constitutional Challenges to GMO Regulation 93-116
Zach Newman “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”: Policing, Fatal Force, and Equal Protection in the Age of Colorblindness 117-161
Lindsey Pace The Reasonability of California Groundwater Policies in Light of the Drought 163-185

Volume 42: Issue 3
Brent Ferguson Beyond Coordination: Defining Indirect Campaign Contributions for the Super PAC Era 471-523
Gautam Bhatia The Politics of Statutory Interpretation: The Hayekian Foundations of Justice Antonin Scalia’s Jurisprudence 525-555
Jamila Jefferson-Jones Airbnb and the Housing Segment of the Modern “Sharing Economy”: Are Short-Term Rental Restrictions an Unconstitutional Taking? 557-576
Megan Blass The New Data Marketplace: Protecting Personal Data, Electronic Communications, and Individual Privacy in the Age of Mass Surveillance Through a Return to a Property-Based Approach to the Fourth Amendment 577-599
Michelle Firmacion Protecting Immigrants from Prolonged Pre- Removal Detention: When “It Depends” is No Longer Reasonable 601-624

Volume 42: Issue 2
David R. Upham Interracial Marriage and the Original Understanding of the Privileges or Immunities Clause 213-285
Earl M. Maltz Moving Beyond Race: The Joint Committee on Reconstruction and the Drafting of the Fourteenth Amendment 287-322
Karl Manheim The Health Insurance Mandate—a Tax or a Taking? 323-390
Hannah Lou Eugenics Then and Now: Constitutional Limits on the Use of Reproductive Screening Technologies 393-414
Nicole Antonopoulos The Unconstitutionality of the Current Housing Arrangements for Intersex Prisoners 415-442
Sneihal Desai Smile for the Camera: The Revenge Pornography Dilemma, California’s Approach, and Its Constitutionality  443-469

Volume 42: Issue 1
Luke Meier Probability, Confidence, and the Constitutionality of Summary Judgment 1-71
Ryan McCarl Incoherent and Indefensible: An Interdisciplinary Critique of the Supreme Court’s “Void-for-Vagueness” Doctrine 73-94
S. Todd Brown The Story of Prudential Standing 95-132
Dejan M. Gantar Criminalizing the Armchair Terrorist: Entrapment and the Domestic Terrorism Prosecution 135-160
Jessica Casella Using Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act to Fight Voter Suppression Tactics After Shelby County v. Holder Without a New Section 4(b) Formula 161-185
Margaret Greer Concussion Crisis: Regulating the NFL’s Concussion Policy Under the Commerce Clause 187-211

Volume 41: Issue 4
Martin Guggenheim Violent Video Games and the Rights of Children and Parents: A Critique of Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association 707-774
Hadar Aviram, Deanna Dyer, and S.C. Thomas Check, Pleas: Toward a Jurisprudence of Defense Ethics in Plea Bargaining 775-844
Lothar Determann and Karl Guttenbery On War and Peace in Cyberspace - Security, Privacy, Jurisdiction 878-902
Eric Fleischaker The Constitutionality of Prolonged Administrative Segregation for Inmates Who Have Received Sex Reassignment Surgery 903-926
Evan Reese S.B. 9: A Second Chance for Juveniles Serving Life Without Parole in California in Theory—and Why It Won’t Make a Difference in Practice 927-958
Helen Luu Chou Alive Not Dead: The Revival of Redevelopment Post-Matosantos 959-1002

Volume 41: Issue 3
John T. Plecnik The New Flat Tax: A Modest Proposal For a Constitutionally Apportioned Wealth Tax 483-520
Joshua Flynn-Brown Analyzing the Constitutional Implications of the Department of Veterans Affairs' Process to Determine Incompetency: Is the Federal Government Violating the Second Amendment and Due Process? 521-560
Cynthia Alkon The U.S. Supreme Court's Failure to Fix Plea Bargaining: The Impact of Lafler and Frye 561-622
Julie Chow "Bring Your Own Devices": A Cautionary Tale for Public Employees During Investigatory Searches 623-648
Sara E. Stratton Passwords Please: Rethinking the Constitutional Right to Informational Privacy in the Context of Social Media 649-680
Taylor Hobin Wireless Internet Searches: How the Fourth Amendment Applies to Police Searches of Information Accessed Over a Wireless Internet Connection 681-706

Volume 41: Issue 2
Andrew Tutt The New Speech 235-298
Mark W. Cordes The First Amendment and Religion After Hosanna-Tabor 299-356
Kenneth J. Melilli Dog Sniffs, Technology, and the Mythical Constitutional Right to Criminal Privacy 357-380
Jessica J. Hwang From Spectacle to Speech: The First Amendment and Film Censorship from 1915-1952 381-420
Chris Molina A Private Sector Solution to a Public Sector Problem 421-456
Ben Blumenthal In re C.P.: The Ohio Supreme Court's Expansion of Roper v. Simmons and Graham v. Florida to the Realm of Juvenile Sex Offender Registration 457-482

Volume 41: Issue 1
Mark K. Hanasono The Muddled State: California's Application of Confrontation Clause Jurisprudence in People v. Dungo and People v. Lopez 1-40
Meg Penrose Something to [Lex Loci] Celebrationis?: Federal Marriage Benefits Following United States v. Windsor 41-70
Sean Morrison Foreign in a Domestic Sense: American Samoa and the Last U.S. Nationals 71-150
Nicole Misha Goodwin San Francisco's Checkout Bag Fee Ordinance and the Problem of Proposition 26 151-174
Ameet Kaur Nagra A Higher Protection for Scholars Faced with Defamation Suits 175-204
Dana Cook-Milligan What is Really so Bad About a Different Rule of Law?: The Afghan Legal System Reanalyzed 205-234

Volume 40: Issue 4
Mark J. Mahoney When One Is Not Enough, But Two Is a Company Union: A First Amendment Analysis of the National Labor Relations Board's Restrictions on Employee Involvement at the Nonunion Workplace 677-756
John Ghaelian Restoring the Vote: Former Felons, International Law, and the Eight Amendment 757-806
Glenn H. Reynolds and Brannon P. Denning National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius: Five Takes 807-832
Nicholas M. Mclean Livelihood, Ability to Pay, and the Original Meaning of the Excessive Fines Clause 833-902
Molly Schneider Quill's Call to Action: Will Congress Update Commerce Clause Nexus Requirements in Light of Cloud Computing 903-924
Kathryn Nobuko Horwath A Check-in on Privacy after United States v. Jones: Current Fourth Amendment Jurisprudence in the Context of Location-Based Applications and Services 925-966
Adam F. Sloustcher Arizona v. Winn: Negative Implications for First Amendment Proponents and Possibly for Our Nation's Schoolchildren 967-988
Arman Matevosyan Public Disclosure and Moving the World Forward: Why We Need the America Invents Act 989-1010

Volume 40: Issue 3
Clay Calvert A Familial Privacy Right Over Death Images: Critiquing the Internet-Propelled Emergence of a Nascent Constitutional Right that Preserves Happy Memories and Emotions 475-524
R. Craig Kitchen Negative Lawmaking Delegations: Constitutional Structure and Delegations to the Executive of Discretionary Authority to Amend, Waive, and Cancel Statutory Text 525-610
Jerome Deise and Raymond Paternoster More Than a "Quick Glimpse of the Life": The Relationship Between Victim Impact Evidence and Death Sentencing 611-652
Rachael Yourtz Letting the Fox Guard the Hen House: Why the Fourth Amendment Should Not Be Applied to Interviews of Children in Child Abuse Cases 653-676

Volume 40: Issue 2
John A. Robertson Paid Organ Donation and the Constitutionality of the National Organ Transplant Act 221-276
David E. Steinberg Thomas Jefferson's Establishment Clause Federalism 277-318
Dave Ebersole Democracy in Ohio: Ohio's Fiscal Constitution and the Unconstitutional Nationwide Arena Deal 319-392
Jonathan G. August Modern Models of Organ Donation: Challenging Increases of Federal Power to Save Lives 393-422
Annie Moskovian Bans on Sex-Selective Abortions: How Far is Too Far? 423-452
Daniel S. Maroon Redevelopment in the Golden State: A Study in Plenary Power Under the California Constitution 453-474

Volume 40: Issue 1
Edward A. Zelinsky Putting State Courts in the Constitutional Driver's Seat: State Taxpayer Standing After Cuno and Winn 1-64
David M. Geffen Mutual Fund Sales Notice Fees: Are a Handful of States Unconstitutionally Exacting $200 Million Each Year? 65-118
Monica Smith A Constitutional Dilemma for Cities Seeking to Regulate Day Labor Solicitation 119-144
Zachary Gray Herding Katz: GPS Tracking and Society's Expectations of Privacy in the 21st Century 145-186
Ryan D. Murphy Tea Party Constitutionalism: Does the "Astroturf" Have Roots in the History of the Constitution? 187-220

Volume 39: Issue 2
Donald L. Beschle Does a Broad Free Exercise Right Require a Narrow Definition of “Religion”? 357-390
Barbara O. Bruckmann The Case for a Commerce Clause Challenge to State Antitrust Laws Banning Minimum Resale Price Maintenance 391-420
Heidi Reamer Anderson Funding Gideon’s Promise by Viewing Excessive Caseloads as Unethical Conflicts of Interest 421-456
Rivka Weill Reconciling Parliamentary Sovereignty and Judicial Review: On The Theoretical and Historical Origins ofthe Israeli Legislative Override Power 457-512
Heidi Hansen Kalscheur About “Face”: Using Moral Rights to Increase Copyright Enforcement in China 513-538
Alison Cordova California Penal Code § 270.1: A Constitutionally Impermissible Attempt to Combat Truancy 539-568
David T. Gibson Spreading the Wealth: Is Asset Forfeiture the Key to Enticing Local Agencies to Enforce Federal Drug Laws? 569-592

Volume 39: Issue 1
Peggy M. Tobolowsky A Different Path Taken: Texas Capital Offenders’ Post-Atkins Claims of Mental Retardation 1-178
Douglas E. Abrams Lochner v. New York (1905) and Kennedy v. Louisiana (2008): Judicial Reliance on Adversary Argument 179-192
Christopher W. Schmidt The Tea Party and the Constitution 193-252
Debra Brubaker Burns Too Big to Fail and Too Big to Pay: States, Their Public-Pension Bills, and the Constitution 253-296
Amelia L. Diedrich Secure in Their Yards? Curtilage, Technology, and the Aggravation of the Poverty Exception to the Fourth Amendment 297-326
Jeremy Zeitlin Whose Constitution Is It Anyway? The Executives’ Discretion to Defend Initiatives Amending the California Constitution 327-356

Volume 38: Issue 4
Rory Little   The Role of Reporter for a Law Project   747-810
James E. Moliterno  Rectifying Wrongful Convictions: May a Lawyer Reveal Her Client's Confidences to Rectify the Wrongful Conviction of Another? 811-844
Lissa Griffin, Stacy Caplow Changes to the Culture of Adversarialness: Endorsing Candor, Cooperation, and Civility in Relationships Between Prosecutors and Defense Counsel 845-878
Laurie L. Levenson Conflicts Over Conflicts: Challenges in Redrafting the ABA Standards for Criminal Justice on Conflicts of Interest 879-914
Daniel S. Medwed Closing the Door on Misconduct: Rethinking the Ethical Standards that Govern Summations in Criminal Trials 915-948
Norman Lefstein Excessive Public Defense Workloads: Are ABA Standards for Criminal Justice Adequate? 949-982
Cecilia Klingele Confidentiality and Disclosure: What the New ABA Criminal Justice Standards (Don't) Say About the Duties of Defense Counsel 983-1006
Roberta K. Flowers Witness Preparation: Regulating the Profession's "Dirty Little Secret" 1007-1028
Jane Campbell Moriarty, Marisa Main "Waiving" Goodbye to Rights: Plea Bargaining and the Defense Dilemma of Competent Representation 1029-1052
Zoë Overbeck No Match for the Police: An Analysis for Miranda's Problematic Application to Juvenile Defendants 1053-1084
Sarah Shekhter Every Step You Take, They'll Be Watching You: The Legal and Practical Implications of Lifetime GPS Monitoring of Sex Offenders 1085-1112
Michael G. Freedman Prosecuting Terrorism: The Material Support Statute and Muslim Charities 1113-1150

Volume 37: Issue 1
Bradford Mank The Supreme Court's New Public-Private Distinction Under the Dormant Commerce Clause: Avoiding the Traditional Versus Nontraditional Classification Trap 1-64
Miriam Galston Theocracy in America: Should Core First Amendment Values Be Permanent? 65-127
Mark S. Stein The Domestic Violence Clause in 'New Originalist' Theory 129-140
Emily Eschenbach Barker The Adam Walsh Act: Un-Civil Commitment 141-165
Adrienne Ratner Warantless Wiretapping: The Bush Administration's Failure to Jam an Elephant into a Mousehole 167-197
John A. Castro Second-Class Citizens: The Schism Between Immigration Policy and Children's Health Care 199-224

Volume 37: Issue 2
Ronald Turner On Parents Involved and the Problematic Praise of Justice Clarence Thomas 225-242
Patricia Rrapi La Mauvaise Qualite de la Loi: Vagueness Doctrine at the French Constitutional Council 243-286
Richard G. Wilkins, Scott Worthington, Elisabeth Liljenquist, and Adam Pomeroy Supreme Court Voting Behavior: 2007 Term 287-342
Anya J. Stein The Guarantee Clause in the States: Structural Protections for Minority Rights and Necessary Limits on the Initiative Power 343-370
Kathlyn Querubin Cutting the Fourth Amendment Loose from Its Moorings: The Unconstitutional Use of FISA Evidence in Ordinary Criminal Prosecutions 371-408
Steven Pearse Accounting for the Lack of Accountability: The Great Depression Meets the Great Recession 409-432

Volume 37: Issue 3
John A. Humbach 'Sexting' and the First Amendment 433-487
Peter Nicolas 'I'm Dying to Tell You What Happened': The Admissibility of Testimonial Dying Declarations Post-Crawford 487-552
Vijay Sekhon Highly Uncertain Times: An Analysis of the Executive Branch's Decision To Not Investigate or Prosecute Individuals in Compliance with State Medical Marijuana Laws 553-564
Jessica Moy Beyond 'The Schoolhouse Gates' and into the Virtual Playground: Moderating Student Cyberbullying and Cyberharassment After Morse v. Frederick 565-590
Angela Chrysler Proposition 8 and the Need for California Constitutional Amendment Initiative Reform: Tolerance Requires Time and Deliberation 591-616
Matt Chayt Thirty-five Years After Berkelman 617-639

Volume 37: Issue 4
Darien Shanske What Would the Delegates Talk About? A Rough Agenda for a Constitutional Convention 641-660
Steven M. Sheffrin Tax Reform Commissions in the Sweep of California's Fiscal History 661-689
Jessica A. Levinson and Robert M. Stern Ballot Box Budgeting in California: The Bane of the Golden State or an Overstated Problem? 689-744
Charles E. McLure, Jr. The Business Net Receipts Tax: A Dog That Will Not Hunt 745-776
Joseph L.J. Appel Why the Joint Powers Authority Refunding Bond Model Works: A Critique of the of the Attorney General's Claim of Unconstitutionality 777-788
Kathleen Noone Keeping the Commitment: Why California Should Maintain Consideration of the Commitment Offense in Determining Parole for Life Inmates 789-808
Benjamin A. Mains Virtual Child Pornography, Pandering, and the First Amendment: How Developments in Technology and Shifting First Amendment Jurisprudence Have Affected the Criminalization of Child Pornography 809-836

Volume 36: Issue 1
Rene Reyes Book Review: Conscience Reexamined: Liberty, Equality, and the Legacy of Roger Williams 1-12
Dorie Apollonio, Bruce E. Cain, and Lee Drutman Access and Lobbying: Looking beyond the Corruption Paradigm 13-50
Richard G. Wilkins, Scott Worthington, Peter J. Jenkins, and Elisabeth Liljenquist Supreme Court Voting Behavior: 2006 Term 51-104
Nicole Anderson Would You Like Some First Amendment Rights with That - How Mandatory Nutritional Disclosure on Restaurant Menus Violate the Freedom of Commercial Speech 105-130
Amber Arakaki Rethinking Granfinanciera: May the Bankruptcy Court Retain Pre-Trial Jurisdiction after Finding a Valid Jury Trial Right 131-163
Alexa Hansen Unqualified Interests, Definitive Definitions: Washington v. Glucksberg and the Definition of Life 163-190

Volume 36: Issue 2
Eric D. Yordy Fixing Free Exercise: A Compelling Need to Relieve the Current Burdens 191-216
David N. Mayer The Myth of Laissez-Faire Constitutionalism: Liberty of Contract during the Lochner Era 217-284
Sophia S. Chang Protecting the Innocent: Post-Conviction DNA Exoneration 285-306
Ellen Luu Web-Assisted Suicide and the First Amendment 307-328
Kristopher A. Nelson Transnational Wiretaps and the Fourth Amendment 329-352
Tsering Kheyap Homeless but Not Hopeless: How the Tibetan Constitution Governs a People in Exile 353-372

Volume 36: Issue 3
Jeremy A. Blumenthal Legal Claims as Private Property: Implications for Eminent Domain 373-424
Riddhi Dasgupta Boumediene v. Bush and Extraterritorial Habeas Corpus in Wartime 425-456
Nikhil D. Cooper Circumventing Non-Appropriation: Law and Development of United States Space Commerce 457-482
Onki Kwan From the Protection of Children Against Sexual Exploitation Act of 1977 to the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006: How Congress Went from Censoring Child Pornography to Censoring Protected Sexual Speech 483-516
Elizabeth Lyon "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words": The Effect of Spectators'Display of Victim Photographs During a Criminal Jury Trial on a Criminal Defendant's Fair Trial Rights 517-544
Richard Salas In Re Marriage Cases: The Fundamental Right to Marry and Equal Protection Under the California Constitution and the Effects of Proposition 8 545-562

Volume 36: Issue 4
Caitlin E. Borgmann Holding Legislatures Constitutionally Accountable Through Facial Challenges 563-610
Maya Manian Rights, Remedies and Facial Challenges 611-630
David L. Faigman Defining Emperical Frames of Reference in Constitutional Cases: Unraveling the As-Applied Versus Facial Distinction in Constitutional Law 631-666
Kevin C. Walsh Frames of Reference and the "Turn to Remedy" in Facial Challenge Doctrine 667-688
David L. Franklin Looking Through Both Ends of the Telescope: Facial Challenges and the Roberts Court 689-716
Sonya F. Palay Muddy Waters: Congressional Consent and the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact 717-738

Volume 35: Issue 1
Michael J. Kaufman PICS in Focus: A Majority of the Supreme Court Reaffirms the Constitutionality of Race-Conscious School Integration Strategies 1-40
M. C. Mirow Marbury in Mexico: Judicial Review's Precocious Southern Migration 41-117
Robin Huffman Bankruptcy and Free Speech: New Bankruptcy Code Provisions Restrict Attorneys' Right to Properly Advise Clients 118-138
Christopher D. Yamaoka The State Secrets Privilege: What's Wrong with It, How It Got That Way, and How the Courts Can Fix It 139-160

Volume 35: Issue 2
Marjorie Cohn Let the Sun Shine on the Supreme Court 161-168
David M. Palmer Untangling Tenth Amendment Standing: Why Private Parties Cannot Enforce the Federal Structure 169-194
Aimee Logan Who Says So? Defining Cruel and Unusual Punishment by Science, Sentiment, and Consensus 195-220
Susanna Chenette Maintaining the Constitutionality of the Patent System 221-262
Thomas M. Forsyth III Just Don't Say You Heard it From Me: Bridging the Davis v. Washington Divide of Indistinguishable Primary-Purpose Statements 263-286
Cathy Wang Gang Injunctions Under Heat From Equal Protection: Selective Enforcement As a Way To Defeat Discrimination 287-308
Jacqueline Canlas-LaFlam Has Georgia Gone Too Far- or Will Sex Offenders Have To? 309-344
Richard Bradley Ng A House Divided: How Judicial Inaction and a Circuit Split Forfeited the First Amendment Rights of Student Journalists at America's Universities 345-372
Dan Poulson Suspension for Beginners: Ex Parte Bollman and the Unconstitutionality of the 1996 Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act 373-400

Volume 35: Issue 3
Richard Stith Securing the Rule of Law Through Interpretive Pluralism: An Argument From Comparative Law 401-448
Henry Richard Seamon Domestic Surveillance for International Terrorists: Presidential Power and Fourth Amendment Limits 449-504
Mary Jean Dolan Government-Sponsored Chaplains and Crisis: Walking the Fine Line in Disaster Response and Daily Life 505-546
Brian McFarlin From the Fringes of Copyright Law: Examining California's "True Name and Address" Internet Piracy Statute 547-574
Jerico Lavarias A Reexamination of the Tinker Standard: Freedom of Speech in PUblic Schools 575-598

Volume 35: Issue 4
Richard. L Hasen When "Legislature" May Mean More than "Legislature": Initiated Electoral College Reform and the Ghost of Bush v. Gore 599-630
Vikram David Amar Direct Democracy and Article II: Additional Thoughts on Initiatives and Presidential Elections 631-642
Christopher S. Elmendorf Undue Burdens on Voter Participation: New Pressures for a Strucutural Theory of the Right to Vote? 643-712
Sanford Levinson Political Party and Senatorial Succession: A Response to Vikram Amar on How Best to Interpret the Seventeenth Amendment 713-726
Vikram David Amar Are Statutes Constraining Gubernatorial Power to Make Temporary Appointments to the United States Senate Constitutional Under the Seventeenth Amendment? 727-759
H. Kwasi Prempeh Presidential Power in Comparative Perspective: The Puzzling Persistence of Imperial Presidency in Post-Authoritarian Africa 761-834
Brannon P. Denning and Molly C. Taylor Morse v. Frederick and the Regulation of Student Cyberspeech 835-896
Rachel A. Rubin Taking the Courts: A Brief History of Takings Jurisprudence and the Relationship Between State, Federal, and the United States Supreme Courts 897-920
Andrew J. Ziaja Hot Oil and Air: The Development of the Nondelegation Doctrine Through the New Deal, a History, 1813-1944 921-964

Volume 34: Issue 1
Shavar D. Jeffires The Structural Inadequacy of Public Schools for Stigmatized Minorities: The Need for Institutional Remedies 1-68
David L. Faigman, Ashutosh A. Bhagwat, and Kathryn M. Davis Amicus Brief of Constitutional Law Professors David L. Faigman and Ashutosh A. Bhagwat, et al. in the Case of Gonzales v. Carhart 69-110
Taylor Genovese Prescribing Morality: The Constitutionality of Pharmacist Conscience Clauses 111-132
Nancy Pham Choice v. Chance: The Constitutional Case for Regulating Human Germline Genetic Modification 133-160

Volume 34: Issue 2
Richard K. Neumann Jr. The Revival of Impeachment as a Partisan Political Weapon 161-328
Andrew King Thawing a Frozen Treaty: Protecting United States Interests in the Artic with a Congressional-Executive Agreement on the Law of the Sea 329-354
Scott A. Penner Changing the Balance of Power: Why a Treaty-Trump Presumption Should Replace the Later-in-Time Rule When Interpreting Conflicting Treaties and Statutes 355-382

Volume 34: Issue 3
Won Kidane Committing a Crime While a Refugee: Rethinking the Issue of Deportation in Light of the Principle of Double Jeopardy 383-446
Jesse S. Chui To What Extent Can Congress Change the Patent Right without Effecting a Taking 447-476
Nicholas Short The Story of the Court: A Narrative Analysis of Planned Parenthood v. Casey 477-504

Volume 34: Issue 4
Richard G. Wilkins, Scott Worthington, John J. Nielsen and Peter J. Jenkins Supreme Court Voting Behavior 2005 Term 505-590
Tom Hardy Has Mighty Casey Struck Out?: Societal Reliance and the Supreme Court's Modern Stare Decises Analysis 591-622
Benjamin Wiles Constitutional Taking Clauses: A Proposed Typology 623-640

Volume 33: Issue 1
Nathan W. Kellum If It Looks Like a Duck... Traditional Public Forum Status of Open Areas on Public University Campuses 1-46
David E. Steinberg Restoring the Fourth Amendment: The Original Understanding Revisited 47-82
Nicholas W. Smith Evidence and Confrontation in the President's Military Commissions 83-104

Volume 33: Issues 2 & 3
John Sims What NSA is Doing... and Why It's Illegal 105-140
Ethan Leib Supermajoritarianism and the American Criminal Jury 141-196
Li-Ann Thio Control, Co-Optation and Co-Operation: Managing Religious Harmony in Singapore's Mutli-Ethnic, Quasi-Secular State 197-253
Daniel Matheson No Moderator Needed: A Liberty Tradition Right to Broadcast Advertorials 255-336
Francis Beckwith The Court of Disbelief: The Constitution's Artcile VI Religious Test Prohibition and the Judiciary's Religious Motive Analysis 337-360
Stephanie McMahon The Turbulent Aftermath of Crawford v. Washington: Where Do Child Abuse Victims' Stand? 361-395

Volume 33: Issue 4
Tennille M. Christensen The GNU General Public License: Constitutional Subversion? 397-424
Jenny M. Kim Crawford v. Washington: Bright Line Rules to Identity Testimonial Statements 425-446
John Jay Stein When the Meaning of "Plain Error" Isn't So Plain: Deciphering Plain Error in the Context of Booker 447-472

Volume 32: Issue 1
David Vikram Amar Why the Case for Amending the U.S. Constitution to Prohibit or Regulate Gay Marriage is Not Proved 637-651
Douglas W. Kmiec Procreative Argument for Proscribing Same-Sex Marriage 653-676

Volume 32: Issue 2
Therese M. Stewart Position Paper for Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly Symposium on Gay Marriage 677-680
Jeffrey J. Ventrella Square Circles - Restoring Rationality to the Same-Sex Marriage Debate 681-724
John Choon Yoo and Anntim Vulchev A Conservative Critique of the Federal Marriage Amendment 725-736

Volume 32: Issue 3
David Aram Kaiser and Paul Lufkin Deconstructing Davis v. United States: Intention and Meaning in Ambiguous Requests for Counsel 737-767
Richard G. Wilkins, Scott Worthington, Lorianne Updike, and Jacob Reynolds Supreme Court Voting Behavior - 2003 Term 769-846

Volume 32: Issue 4
Peter Widulski Bakke, Grutter, and the Principle of Subsidiarity 847-908
Richard G. Wilkins, Scott Worthington, Jacob Reynolds, and John J. Nielsen Supreme Court Voting Behavior 2004 Term 909-986
Jeremy T. Price Reconciling Morality and Moral Responsibility in the Law: A Due Process Challenge to the Inconsistent Mental Responsibility Standards at Play in Criminal Insanity Defenses and Sexually Violent Predator Civil Commitment Hearings 987-1014

Volume 31: Issue 1
Neal Kumar Katyal The Promise and Precondition of Educational Autonomy 557-572
R. Richard Banks The Benign-Invidious Asymmetry in Equal Protection Analysis 573-586
Wendy Parker The Legal Cost of the "Split Double Header" of Gratz and Grutter 587-612
Gerald Torres The Evolution of Equality in American Law 613-626

Volume 31: Issue 2
Mary Jean Dolan The Special Public Purpose Forum and Endorsement Relationships: New Extentions of Government Speech 71-140
Joseph R. Grodin The California Supreme Court and State Constitutional Rights: The Early Years 141-162
Christine Esperanza Fruits, Nuts, Cigarettes, and the Right to Remain Silent 163-188

Volume 31: Issue 3
Russell Dean Covey Exorcising Wechsler's Ghost: The Influence of the Model Penal Code on Death Penalty Sentencing Jurisprudence 189-268
Francisco Forrest Martin Our Constitution as Federal Treaty: A New Theory of United States Constitutional Construction Based on an Originalist Understanding for Addressing a New World 269-354
Francesca Crisera Federal Regulation of Embryonic Cells: Can Government Do It - An Examination of Potential Regulation through the Eyes of California's Recent Legislation 355-384
Patrick Mark Mahoney Houses Built on Sant: Police Expert Testimony in California Gang Prosecutions; Did Gardeley Go Too Far 385-412

Volume 31: Issue 4
Leo P. Martinez The Trouble with Taxes: Fairness, Tax Policy, and the Constitution 413-446
Shima Baradaran-Robison Viewpoint Neutral Zoning of Adult Entertainment Businesses 447-498
Richard G. Worthington Supreme Court Voting Behavior: 2002 Term 499-586
Joy Huang United States v. Kincade: Constitutionality of Mandatory DNA Testing 587-610
Rebecca Rabkin From Kierkegaard to Kennedy: Existentialist Philosophy in the Supreme Court's Decision in Planned Parenthood v. Casey and Its Effect on the Right to Privacy 611-636

Volume 30: Issue 1
Steven K. Green Religious Discrimination, Public Funding, and Constitutional Values 1-56
Michael J. Zydney Mannheimer Coerced Confessions and the Fourth Amendment 57-130
Andrea Pallios Should We Have Faith in the Faith-Based Initiative: A Constitutional Analysis of President Bush's Charitable Choice Plan 131-172
Elton Ueoka Dodson Access to the Airways after September 11: Do Aviation Businesses Devasted by the Restrictions Have a Fifth Amendment Remedy 173-196

Volume 30: Issue 2
Robert H. Alsdorf The Sound of Silence: Thoughts of a Sitting Judge on the Problem of Free Speech and the Judiciary in a Democracy 197-236
Anne C. Hydorn Does the Constitutional Right to Privacy Protect Forced Disclousure of Sexual Orientation? 237-262

Volume 30: Issue 3
David E. Steinberg High School Drug Testing and the Original Understanding of the Fourth Amendment 263-296
Carl Tobias Justice Byron White and the Importance of Process 297-306
Richard G. Wilkins, Scott Worthington, Adam Becker and Sara Becker Supreme Court Voting Behavior: 2001 Term 307-394
Kevin G. Gill Freedom of Speech and the Language of Architecture 395-424

Volume 30: Issue 4
Sarah C. Zearfoss Admissions of a Director 429-444
Ronald Turner Too-Many-Minorities and Racegoating Dynamics of the Anti-Affirmative-Action POsition:From Bakke to Grutter and Beyond 445-510
David I. Levine Public School Assignment Methods after Grutter and Gratz:The View from San Francisco 511-540
Vikram David Amar and Evan Caminker Constitutional Sunsetting:Justice O'Connor's Closing Comments in Grutter 541-556

Volume 29: Issue 1
Laurie S. Kohn Why Dosen't She Leave - The Collision of First Amendment Rights and Effective Court Remedies for Victims of Domestic Violence 1-60
Michelle E. O'Conner-Ratcliff Colorblind Redistricting: Racial Proxies as a Solution to the Court's Voting Rights Act Quandry 61-88
Nicole Schilder Anti-Vibrator Legislation: The Law is on Shaky Ground 89-114

Volume 29: Issue 2
John Lawrence Hill A Third Theory of Liberty: The Evolution of Our Conception of Freedom in American Constitutional Thought 115-184
Alan Hirsch Direct Democracy and Civic Maturation 185-246
Richard G. Wilkins, Scott Worthington, Carter K.F. Chow and Sarah K.L. Chow Supreme Court Voting Behavior: 2000 Term 247-338
Alayna Ohs Power of Pregnancy: Examining Constitutional Rights in a Gestational Surrogacy Contract Note 339-372

Volume 29: Issue 3
Christopher Bryant and Carl Tobias Youngstown Revisited 373-438
Michael T. Gibson Congressional Authority to Induce Waivers of State Sovereign Immunity: The Conditional Spending Power (and Beyond) 439-526
Sharon K. Sandeen In for a Calf is not Always in for a Cow: An Analysis of the Constitutional Right of Anonymity as Applied to Anonymous E-Commerce 527-588
Leanna M. Anderson Executive Orders, "The Very Definition of Tyranny," and the Congressional Solution, the Separation of Powers Restoration Act 589-612

Volume 29: Issue 4
Sheldon Nahmod From the Courtroom to the Street: Court Orders and Section 1983 613-644
K.G. Jan Pillai Incongruent Disproportionality 645-720
Scott Dodson The Metes and Bounds of State Sovereign Immunity 721-765
Eugene Kim Vindicating Civil Rights under 42 U.S.C. 14141: Guidance from Procedures in Complex Litigation Note 767-805
Frank Riebli The Spectre of Star Chamber: The Role of an Ancient English Tribunal in the Supreme Court's Self-Incrimination Jurisprudence Note 89-114

Volume 28: Issue 1
Judith Olans Brown and Peter D. Enrich Nostalgic Federalism 1-66
Rebecca S. Hartley Constitutionality of State and Local Selective Purchasing Legislation: A 9-0 Supreme Court Decision in Favor of and in Defeat of Plaintiff 67-92
Lawrence Friedman The Constitutional Value of Dialogue and the New Judicial Federalism 93-144
Khoi D. Nguyen Invisibly Radiated: Federalism Principles and the Proposed Hague Convention on Jurisdiction and Foreign Judgments 145-166
Sophie Akins Congress' Property Clause Power to Prohibit Taking Endangered Species 167-186

Volume 28: Issue 2
Donald L. Beschle Clearly Canadian--Hill v. Colorado and Free Speech Balancing in the United States and Canada 187-234
William J. Rich Privileges or Immunities: The Missing Link in Establishing Congressional Power to Abrogate State Eleventh Amendment Immunity 235-304
W. Bradley Wendel Free Speech for Lawyers 305-444
Ashutosh Bhagwat Injury without Harm: Texas v. Lesage and the Strange World of Article III Injuries Essay 445-460
Huong Thien Nguyen Irrational Prejudice: The Military's Exclusion of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Service Members after Romer v. Evans Note 461-504
Wade Maxwell Rhyne United States v. Emerson and the Second Amendment Note 505-542

Volume 28: Issue 3
Richard G. Wilkins, Scott Worthington, Rachelle Fleming, and Matthew Fleming Supreme Court Voting Behavior: 1999 Term 543-628
David J. Armor The End of School Desegregation and the Achievement Gap 629-654
John A. Powell The Tensions between Integration and School Reform 655-698
Kevin G. Welner Tracking in an Era of Standards: Low-Expectation Classes Meet High-Expectation Laws 699-738

Volume 28: Issue 4
Patrick James McQuillan and Kerry Suzanne Englert Return to Neighborhood Schools, Concentrated Poverty, and Educational Opportunity: An Agenda for Reform 739-770
Amy Stuart Wells The Consequences of School Desegregation: The Mismatch between the Research and the Rationale 771-798
Jerrold J. Kippen Sexually Explicit Speech 799-828
Melanie Tang The Marlboro Man's Secret Versus the Public Health: Trade Secrets and Unconstitutional Takings in Phillip Morris v. Reilly 829-860

Volume 27: Issue 1
Max Kidalov and Richard Seamon The Missing Pieces of the Debate Over Federal Property Rights Legislation 1-88
K.G. Jan Pillai Neutrality of the Equal Protection Clause 89-154
Christina M. McPherson Russia's 1993 Constitution: Rule of Law for Russia or Merely a Return to Autocracy? 155-180
Shannon K. Supple Global Responsibility and the United States: The Constitutionality of the International Criminal Court 181-198

Volume 27: Issue 2
Marsha L. Baum and Christian G. Fritz American Constitution-Making: The Neglected State Constitutional Sources 199-242
Matthew J. Perry Justice Murphy and the Fifth Amendment Equal Protection Doctrine: A Contribution Unrecognized 243-308
Susan W. Dana Restrictions on Corporate Spending on State Ballot Measure Campaigns: A Re-Evaluation of Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce 309-368
Megan Ann Jellinek Disease Prevention and the Genetic Revolution: Defining a Parental Right to Protect the Bodily Integrity of Future Children 369-398
Wendy E. Roop Not in My Womb: Compelled Prenatal Genetic Testing 397-422

Volume 27: Issue 3
Richard G. Wilkins, Scott Worthington, R. Chad Hales, Rachelle Fleming, and Mathew Fleming Supreme Court Voting Behavior: 1998 Term 423-510
Glenn H. Reynolds and David B. Kopel The Evolving Police Power: Some Observations for a New Century 511-538
Merrit Jones First Amendment Protection for Newsgathering: Applying the Actual Malice Standard to Recovery of Damages for Intrusion 539-562
Kyla Kitajima Electronic Filing and Informational Privacy 563-584

Volume 27: Issue 4
Elizabeth Arndorfer Absent Absitnence Accountability 585-596
Gregory Zhong Tian Chen Elian or Alien - The Contradictions of Protecting Undocumented Children under the Special Immigration Juvenile Statute 597-666
Cheryl Hanna Bad Girls and Good Sports: Some Reflections on Violent Female Juvenile Delinquents, Title IX & The Promise of Girl Power 667-716
Joan W. Howarth Toward the Resorative Constitution: A Restorativw Justice Critique of Anti-Gang Public Nuisance Injunctions 717-756
Kathleen Kelly The Education Crisis for Children in the California Juvenile Court System 757-774
Calvin Massey Juvenile Curfews and Fundamental Rights Methodology 775-798

Volume 26: Issue 1
Karen Nelson Moore Justice Harry A. Blackmun: The Model Judge 5-10
Diane P. Wood Justice Harry A. Blackmun and the Responsibility of Judging 11-20
Radhika Rao The Author of Roe 21-40
Ann Alpers Justice Blackmun and the Good Physician: Patients, Populations, and the Paradox of Medicine 41-58
Pamela S. Karlan Some Thoughts on Autonomy and Equality in Relation to Justice Blackmun 59-72
Deborah C. Malamud Intuition and Science in the Race Jurisprudence of Justice Blackmun 73-108
Robert A. Green Justice Blackmun's Federal Tax Jurisprudence 109-152
Vikram David Amar Some Questions and Answers Concerning Justice Blackmun in Federalism and Separation of Powers Cases 153-164
William S. Dodge Weighing the Listener's Interests: Justice Blackmun's Commercial Speech and Public Forum Opinions 165-218
Kit Kinports Justice Blackmun's Mark on Criminal Law and Procedure 219-270
Malcolm L. Stewart Justice Blackmun's Capital Punishment Jurisprudence 271-306

Volume 26: Issue 2
Brannon P. Denning and Jack H. McCall, Jr. The Constitutionality of State and Local Sanctions against Foreign Countries: Affairs State, States Affairs, or a Sorry State of Affairs 307-372
Dennis P. Riordan The Rights to a Fair Trial and to Examine Witnesses under the Spanish Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights 373-418
Kristian D. Whitten Section Three of the Defense of Marriage Act: Is Marriage Reserved to the States 419-468
Carolyn B. Ramsey California's Sexually Violent Predator Act: The Role of Psychiatrists, Courts, and Medical Determinations in Confining Sex Offenders 469-504
John E. Spomer III Scared to Death: The Separate Right to Counsel at Capital Sentencing 505-532

Volume 26: Issue 3
Richard G. Wilkins, Scott L. Worthington, David M. Buchanan, and R. Chad Hales Supreme Court Voting Behavior: 1997 Term 533-620
Jared Eigerman California Counties: Second-Rate Localities or Ready-Made Regional Governments 621-710
Niru Shanker Getting a Grip on Payne and Restricting the Influence of Victim Impact Statements in Capital Sentencing: The Timothy McVeigh Case and Various State Approaches Compared 711-740
Stephanie J. Hong And "Cloning" Makes Three: A Constitutional Comparison between Cloning and Other Assisted Reproductive Technologies 741-788

Volume 26: Issue 4
Thomas W. Beimers Searching for the Structural Vision of City of Boerne v. Flores: Vertical and Horizontal Tensions in the New Constitutional Architecture 789-852
Alfreda A. Sellers Diamond Constitutional Comparisons and Converging Histories: Historical Developments in Equal Educational Opportunity under the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution and the New South African Constitution 853-912
Thomas Stuart Patterson The Outer Limits of Human Genetic Engineering: A Constitutional Examination of Parents' Procreative Liberty to Genetically Enchance Their Offspring 913-934
David L. Jordan Separation of Powers: The Appointment of Bill Lann Lee as Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights 935-950

Volume 25: Issue 1
Joseph R. Grodin Rediscovering the State Constitutional Right to Happiness and Safety 1-34
Richard G. Wilkins, Scott L. Worthington, and David Buchanan Supreme Court Voting Behavior: 1996 Term 35-118
Catherine M. Lee The Constitionality of the Line Item Veto Act of 1996: Three Potential Sources for Presidential Line Item Veto Power 119-158
Lori A. Adasiewicz Quetzalcoatl, Crosses and the New Constitutional Value of Multiculturalism 159-182

Volume 25: Issue 2
David J. Jung Foreword 183-186
Manuela Albuquerque California and Dillon: The Times They Are a-Changing 187-196
JOhn J. Kirlin The Impact of Fiscal LImits on Governance 197-208
Kathleen M. Sullivan Discrimination, Distribution, and City Regulation of Speech 209-218
Charles J. Ogletree The Burdens and Benefits of Race in America 219-256
Joshua M. Perttula The Political Price of the Independent Counsel Law 257-276

Volume 25: Issue 3
Terry Smith Reinventing Black Politics: Senate Districts, Minority Vote Dilution and the Preservation of the Second Reconstruction 277-356
Nancy Wright Welfare Reform under the Personal Responsibility Act: Ending Welfare as We Know It or Governmental Child Abuse 357-420
Molly Peterson Reexamining Compelling Interests and Radical State Campaign Finance Reforms: So Goes the Nation 421-456
Alison Tsao Fetal Homicide Laws: Shield against Domestic Violence or Sword to Pierce Abortion Rights 457-482

Volume 25: Issue 4
Keith E. Whittington Dismantling the Modern State--The Changing Structural Foundations of Federalism 483-528
Lawrence Rosenthal Permissible COntent Discrimination under the First Amendment: The Strange Case of the Public Employee 529-584
T. Natasha Patel First Lady, Last Rights--Extending Executive Immunity to the First Lady Note 585-604
Lise Vansen Incitement By Any other Name: Dodging a First Amendment Misfire in Rice v. Paladin Enterprises, Inc. 605-634

Volume 24: Issue 1
Richard G. Wilkins, Matthew K. Richards and Scott Worthington Supreme Court Voting Behavior: 1995 Term 1-66
William T. Bodoh and Michelle M. Morgan Protective Orders in the Bankruptcy Court: The Congressional Mandate of Bankruptcy Code Section 107 and Its Constitutional Implications 67-98
Marjorie Heins Viewpoint Discrimination 99-170
Kenneth Ward The Allure and Danger of Community Values: A Criticism of Liberal Republican Constitutional Theory 171-218
Susan L. Freitas After Midnight: The Constitutional Status of Juvenile Curfew Ordinances in California 219-246
Michael Albert Thomas Pagni Constitutionality of English-Only Provisions in the Public Employee Speech Arena: An Examination of Yniguez v. Arizonans for Official English 247-280

Volume 24: Issue 2
Evan Tsen Lee Perspectives on Constitutional Theory-- Foreward Interpretive Methodologies: Perspectives on Constitutional Theory 281-286
Christian G. Fritz Alternative Visions of American Constitutionalims: Popular Sovereignty and the Early American Constitutional Debate Interpretive Methodologies: Perspectives on Constitutional Theory 287-358
Scott E. Gant Judicial Supremacy and Nonjudicial Interpretation of the Constitution Interpretive Methodologies: Perspectives on Constitutional Theory 359-440
Samuel J. Levine Jewish Legal Theory and American Constitutional Theory: Some Comparisons and Constrasts Interpretive Methodologies: Perspectives on Constitutional Theory 441-508
Stuart A. Streichler Justice Curtis's Dissent in the Dred Scott Case: An Interpretive Study Interpretive Methodologies: Perspectives on Constitutional Theory 509-544
Brendon Troy Ishikawa Everything You Always Wanted to Know About How Amendments Are Made, but Were Afraid to Ask Interpretive Methodologies: Perspectives on Constitutional Theory 545-598
Richard B. Saphire Originalism and the Importance of Constitutional Aspirations Interpretive Methodologies: Perspectives on Constitutional Theory 559-664

Volume 24: Issue 3
Joseph E. Kennedy Private Financing of Criminal Prosecutions and the Differing Protections of Liberty and Equality in the Criminal Justice Systems 665-708
Robert L. Tucker And the Truth Shall Make You Free: Truth as a First Amendment Defense in Tortious Interference with Contract Cases 709-740
Carl Tobias Choosing Federal Judges in the Second Clinton Administration 741-756
N. Stephan Kinsella Book Review: Taking the Ninth Amendment Seriously: A Review of Calvin R. Massey's Silent Rights: The Ninth Amendment and the Constitution's Unenumerated Rights 757-784
Patrick Hoopes Tort Reform in the Wake of United States v. Lopez 785-802
Rachel Meyers Mixed Questions and the Scope of Federal Habeas Review: Consideration of Miranda Claims in Thompson v. Keohane 803-832

Volume 24: Issue 4
Wendy Anton Fitzgerald Engineering Perfect Offspring: Devaluing Children and Childhood 833-861
Seth F. Kreimer The Second Time As Tragedy: The Assisted Suicide Cases and the Heritage of Roe v. Wade 863-901
Nelson Lund Two Precipices, One Chasm: The Economics of Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia 903-946
David Orentlicher The Supreme Court and Terminal Sedation: Rejecting Assisted Suicide, Embracing Euthanasia 947-968
Thomas E. Wood Does Decisional Law Grant Whites Fewer Political Rights Under the Fourteenth Amendment Than it Grants to Racial Minorities?: A Response to Vikram D. Amar and Evan H. Caminker 969-1000
Vikram David Amar and Evan H. Caminker The Hunter Doctrine and Proposition 209: A Reply to Thomas Wood 1001-1014
Supriya Kakkar Unauthorized Embryo Transfer at the University of California, Irvine Center for Reproductive Health 1015-1033

Volume 23: Issue 1
Richard G. Wilkins, Scott M. Petersen, Matthew K. Richard and Ronald J. Tocchini Supreme Court Voting Behavior: 1994 Term 1-76
Kevin Francis O'Neill and Raymond Vasvari Counter-demonstration As Protected Speech: Finding the Right to Confrontation in Existing First Amendment Law 77-126
Robert K. Calhoun Waiver of the Right to Appeal 127-216
Amy D. Ronner When Judges Impose the Death Penalty After the Jury Recommends Life: Harris v.Alabama As the Excision of the Tympanic Membrane in an Augmentedly Death-Based Procedure 217-270
Peggy E. Bruggman Beyond Pinups: Workplace Restrictions on the Private Consumption of Pornography 271-312
Samira Sadeghi Hung Up On Semantics: A Critique of Davis v. United States 313-350

Volume 23: Issue 2
Gale Shaw Westerman The Promise of State Constitutionalism: Can it be Fulfilled in Sheff v. O'Neill? 351-406
Cecelia M. Espenoza Good Kids, Bad Kids: A Revelation About the Due Process Rights of Children 407-454
Susan Raeker-Jordan A Pro-Death, Self-Fulfilling Constitutional Construct: The Supreme Court's Evolving Standard of Decency for the Death Penalty 455-556
Darryl C. Delmonico Aggressive Panhandling Legislation and the Constitution: Evisceration of Fundamental Rights-Or Valid Restrictions Upon Offensive Conduct? 557-590
Margaret L. Thum Confusion in the Courts: The Failure to Tax Punitive Damages Uniformly in Personal Injury Cases 591-618

Volume 23: Issue 3
Eileen A. Scallen Presence and Absence in Lochner: Making Rights Real 621-626
William E. Wiethoff Preaching the Constitution 627-636
Warren Sandmann The Argumentative Creation of Individual Liberty 637-657
James Arnt Aune On the Rhetorical Criticism of Judge Posner 658-670
Randolph Stuart Sergent The Hamlet Fallacy: Computer Networks and the Geographic Roots of Obscenity Regulation 671-726
Ann Elizabeth Mayer Reflections on the Proposed United States Reservations to CEDAW: Should the Constitution Be an Obstacle to Human Rights 727-824
Ruth Burdick Casey Undue Burden Standard: Problems Predicted and Encountered, and the Split Over the Salerno Test 825-876
Dipanwita Deb Of Kirpans, Schools, and the Free Exercise Clause: Cheema v. Thompson Cuts Through RFRA's Inadequacies 877-920

Volume 23: Issue 4
David Benjamin Oppenheimer Understanding Affirmative Action 921-998
Erwin Chemerinsky The Impact of the Proposed California Civil Rights Initiative 999-1018
Vikram D. Amar Equal Protection, Unequal Burden, and the CCRI 1019-1056
Catherine A. Rogers And to the Republic for Which It Stands: Guaranteeing a Republican Form of Government 1057-1072
Maya Yxta Murray Merit Teaching 1073-1114
Robert S. Chang Reverse Racism: Affirmative Action, the Familly, and the Dream That is America 1115-1134
Neil Gotanda Failure of the Color-Blind Vision: Race, Ethnicity, and the California Civil Rights Inititative 1135-1153
Pamela A. Lewis Debunking the Myth That Subdivision (c) of the California Civil Rights Initiative Lessens the Standard of Juficial Review of Sex Classifications in California 1154-1162

Volume 22: Issue 1
Aviam Soifer and Miriam Wugmeister Mapping and Matching DNA: Several Legal Complications of Accurate Classifications 1-28
Joel S. Jacobs Endorsement as Adoptive Action: A Suggested Definition of, and an Argument for, Justice O'Connor's Establishment Clause Test 29-80
Clifford S. Zimmerman Toward a New Vision of Informants: A History of Abuses and Suggestions for Reform 81-178
David S. Gehrig Gun-Free School Zones Act: The Shootout over Legislative Findings, the Commerce Clause, and Federalism, The Student Notes 179-218
Rebecca Marcus Racism in Our Courts: The Underfunding of Public Defenders and Its Disproportionate Impact Upon Racial Minorities 19-268

Volume 22: Issue 2
Richard G. Wilkins, James L. Kimball III, and Scott M. Peterson Supreme Court Voting Behavior: 1993 Term Statistical Abstract 269-324
Thomas E. Baker Exercising the Amendment Power to Disapprove of Supreme Court Decisions: A Proposal for a Republican Veto Essay 325-358
Marcy Strauss Reinterrogation 359-404
Kenneth B. Nunn When Juries Meet the Press: Rethinking the Jury's Representative Function in Highly Publicized Cases 405-440
Shelley Ross Saxer License to Sell: Constitutional Protection against State or Local Government Regulation of Liquor Licensing 441-490
Edith Z. Friedler From Extreme Hardship to Extreme Deference: United States Deportation of Its Own Children 491-556
Tracey Gabrielle Letteau Crisis in California: Constitutional Challenges to Inadequate Trial Court Funding Note 557-606

Volume 22: Issue 3
Richard Goldstone Exposing Human Rights Abuses--A Help or Hindrance to Reconciliation? 607-622
Kathryn R. Urbonya Dangerous Misperceptions: Protecting Police Officers, Society, and the Fourth Amendment Right to Personal Security 623-706
Marybeth Herald Does the Constitution Follow the Flag Into United States Territories or Can It Be Separately Purchased and Sold? 707-770
Antonia M. De Meo Access to Eagles and Eagle Parts: Environmental Protection v. Native American Free Excercise of Religion 771-814
Peter S. Adolf Killing Me Softly: Is the Gas Chamber, or Any Other Method of Execution, "Cruel and Unusual Punishment?" 815-866
William O'Callaghan Cameras in the Restroom: Police Surveillance and the Fourth Amendment 867-892
Lidia Stiglich Fourth Amendment Protection for Juvenile Probationers in California, Slim or None?: In re Tyrell J. 893-914

Volume 22: Issue 4
T. Alexander Aleinikoff Tightening Circle of Membership, The Opening Remarks 915-924
Stephen H. Legomsky Ten More Years of Plenary Power: Immigration, Congress, and the Courts Essay 925-938
Karl Manheim State Immigration Laws and Federal Supremacy 939-1018
Michael A. Olivas Storytelling Out of School: Undocumented College Residency, Race, and Reaction 1019-1086
Margaret H. Taylor Detained Aliens Challenging of Confinement and the Porous Border of the Plenary Power Doctrine 1087-1158

Volume 21: Issue 1
William Van Alstyne The University in the Manner of Tiananmen Square 1-14
Julie M. Spanbauer The First Amendment Right to Petition Government for a Redress of Grievances: Cut from a Different Cloth 15-69
William T. Bisset Tribal-State Gaming Compacts: The Constitutionality of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act 71-93
Rachel A. Van Cleave A Constitution in Conflict: The Doctrine of Independent State Grounds and the Voter Initiative in California 95-142
Elizabeth M. Stein The California Constitution and the Counter-Initiative Quagmire 143-188

Volume 21: Issue 2
Richard L. Nygaard A Bill of Rights for the Twenty-First Century 189-214
Mark C. Weber Complex Litigation and the State Courts: Constitutional and Practical Advantages of the State Forum Over the Federal Forum in Mass Tort Cases 215-274
Joanne C. Brant "Our Shield Belongs to the Lord": A Constitutional Right to Discriminate 275-321
Mark Strasser The Invidiousness of Invidiousness: On the Supreme Court's Affirmative Action Jurisprudence 323-403
James W. Harper Attorneys as State Actors: A State Action Model and Argument for Holding SLAPP-Plaintiffs' Attorneys Liable Under 42 U.S.C. � 1983 405-440
Dina F. El-Sayed What Is the Court Trying to Establish?: An Analysis of Lee v. Weisman 441-476

Volume 21: Issue 3
Roy G. Spece Jr. Standards of Review and Constitutional Analysis of Health Care Issues 477-488
Candice Hoke Constitutional Impediments to National Health Reform: Tenth Amendment and Spending Clause Hurdles 489-576
Jesse H. Choper Federalism and Judicial Review: An Update 577-592
Martin H. Redish Doing it with Mirrors: New York v. United States and Constitutional Limitations on Federal Power to Require State Legislation 593-610
Richard Briffault Federalism and Health Care Reform: Is Half a Loaf Really Worse than None 611-634
Thomas W. Merrill Constitutional Limits on Physician Price Controls 635-668
William S. Brewbaker III Health Care Price Controls and the Takings Clause 669-708
Thomas W. Merrill Reply to Professor Brewbaker 709-720
William S. Brewbaker III Rejoinder to Professor Merrill 721-724
Ann MacLean Massie Religion Clauses and Parental Health Care Decisionmaking for Children: Suggestions for a New Approach 725-776
Robert A. Sedler Constitutional Challenges to Bans On Assisted Suicide: The View from Without and Within 777-798
Thomas J. Marzen Out, Out Brief Candle: Constitutionally Prescribed Suicide for the Terminally Ill 
Jeanne L. Vance Womb for Rent: Norplant and the Undoing of Poor Women 827-856

Volume 21: Issue 4
Christopher May Presidential efiance of "Unconstitutional" Laws: Reviving the Royal Prerogative 867-1001
Kenneth Klein The Validity of the Public Rights Doctrine in Light of the Historical Rationale of the Seventh Amendment 1014-1048
George Glos The Constitution of the Czech Republic of 1992 1050-1069

Volume 20: Issue 1
Calvin R. Massey Introduction: The Duty of Keeping Political Power Separated 1-6
Eric M. Freedman The Law as King and the King as Law: Is a President Immune from Criminal Prosectuion before Impeachment 7-68
Terri Jennings Peretti Restoring the Balance of Power: The Struggle for Control of the Supreme Court 69-104
Americo R. Cinquegrana Presidential Succession under 3 U.S.C. 19 and the Separation of Powers: If at First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again 105-148
Paul Gumina Title VI of the Intelligence Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 1991: Effective Covert Action Reform or Business as Usual 149-206
Melissa Burke The Constitutionality of the Use of the Norplant Contraceptive Device as a Condition of Probation 207-246
Ron Champoux Real Property Forfeiture under Federal Drug Laws: Does the Punishment Outweigh the Crime 247-266

Volume 20: Issue 2
Wendy E. Parmet Health Care and the Constitution: Public Health and the Role of the State in the Framing Era 267-336
Kathryn R. Urbonya Accidental Shootings as Fourth Amendment Seizures 337-390
Matthew Adler What States Owe Outsiders 391-438
Jill Simeone Mu'Min v. Virginia--Content Questioning for Media Bias in Jury Selection: Ask Them No Questions, They'll Tell You No Lies 439-466
Edward McKinley Urschel Nude Dancing, Expressive Conduct, and the First Amendment: Reviewing Barnes v. Glen Theatre 467-492

Volume 20: Issue 3
Ramsey Clark This Gentle Giant, In Memoriam: Thurgood Marshall 493-496
Kevin T. Baine Wit, Wisdom, and Compassion, In Memoriam: Thurgood Marshall 497-502
J. Clay Smith, Jr. Thurgood Marshall: An Heir of Charles Hamilton Houston, In Memoriam: Thurgood Marshall 503-520
Bernard James and Julie M. Hoffman Brown in State Hands: State Policymaking and Educational Equality after Freeman v. Pitts, Symposium: Race, Education, and the Constitution: The Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education 521-578
David I. Levine The Latter Stages of Enforcement of Equitable Decrees: The Course of Instutional Reform Cases after Dowell, Rufo, and Freeman, Symposium: Race, Education, and the Constitution: Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education 579-648
Donald E. Lively Desegregation and the Supreme Court: The Fatal Attraction of Brown, Symposium: Race, Education, and the Constitution 649-680
Drake D. Hill Afrocentric Movements in Education: Examining Equity, Culture, and Power Relations in the Public Schools, Symposium: Race, Education, and the Constitution: The Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education 681-724
Richard Cummings All-Male Black Schools: Equal Protection, the New Separatism and Brown v. Board of Education, Symposium: Race, Education, and the Constitution: The Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education 725-782
Kevin Brown A Reply to Cummings: Are the Racial Realists Forced to Embrace the Legal Rationale of the Liberal and Integrationist Structures 783-796
Pedro A. Noguera Simple Justice Gets Complicated 797-804
Kimberly Paap Taylor Affirmative Action for the Poor: A Proposal for Affirmative Action in Higher Education Based on Economics, Not Race 805-824

Volume 20: Issue 4
Abner J. Mikva It's Time to Unfix the Criminal Justice System 825-832
Hernan De J. Ruiz-Bravo Monstrous Decision: Kidnapping is Legal 833-876
Emily Prescott The General Aptitude Test Battery and the Debate over Race Norming, Racial Preferences, and Affirmative Action 877-904
Marjorie Richter Comment: Blinking at Reality: An Examination of Bray v. Alexandria 905-944

Volume 19: Issue 1
Calvin R. Massey Getting There: A Brief History of the Politics of Supreme Court Appointments Commentary on the Supreme Court Nomination Process 1-16
Ray Forrester Call for Integrity, A Commentary on the Supreme Court Nomination Process 17-22
David R. Dow Teague and Death: The Impact of Current Retroactivity Doctrine on Capital Defendants 23-84
Marcy Strauss Redefining the Captive Audience Doctrine 85-122
Gordon Danning Freedom of Speech in Public Schools: Using Communication Analysis to Eliminate the Role of Educational Ideology 123-166
Michael J. Mellis Modifications to the Traditional Public Forum Doctrine: United States v. Kokinda and Its Aftermath 167-196
Nancy K. Schiff Legislation Punishing Drug Use During Pregnancy: Attack on Women's Rights in the Name of Fetal Protections 197-234
Barrie L. Becker Order in the Court: Challening Judges Who Incarcerate Pregnant, Substance-Dependent Defendants to Protect Fetal Health 235-260
Lisa E. Alexander Vicinage, Venue, and Community Cross-Section: Obstacles to a State Defendant's Right to a Trial by a Representative Jury 261-294

Volume 19: Issue 2
Gerald S. Reamey When "Special Needs" Meet Probable Cause: Denying the Devil Benefit of Law 295-342
Carl H. Esbeck Government Regulation of Religiously Based Social Services: The First Amendment Considerations 343-412
Steven A. Blum Public Executions:Understanding the "Cruel and Unusual Punishments" Clause 413-456
Jacques B. LeBoeuf Limitations on the Use of Appropriations Riders by Congress to Effectuate Substantive Policy Change 457-494
Paula A. Brantner Removing Bricks from a Wall of Discrimination: State Constitutional Challenges to Sodomy Laws 495-534
Alec HUnter Boyd "Small Numbers" and Strict Scrutiny: Different Taxation of the Press 535-566
Russell M. Mortyn The Rehnquist Court and the New Establishment Clause 567-598

Volume 19: Issue 3
Donald P. Judges Bayonets for the Wounded: Constitutional Paradigms and Disadvantaged Neighborhoods 599-714
Donald E. Lively and Ellen S. Podgor Reckoning with the Bluster of Apolitical Jurisprudence 715-744
Allen Redlich Who Will Litigate Constitutional Issues for the Poor? 745-782
Michael M. Burns Fearing the Mirror: Responding to Beggars in a "Kinder and Gentler" America 783-844
Gary Williams "The Wrong Side of the Tracks": Territorial Rating and the Setting of Automobile Liability Insurance Rates in California 845-910
Elizabeth A. Ganong Involuntary Confessions and the Jailhouse Informant: An Examination of Arizona v. Fulminante 911-936
Pamela B. Fastiff Gender Verification Testing: Balancing the Rights of Female Athletes with a Scandal-Free Olympic Games 937-962

Volume 19: Issue 4
John M. Evans Let Our Parents Run: Removing the Judicial Barriers for Parental Governance of Local Schools 963-1008
Daniel R. Gordon Economic Liberty as the Basis of Social Liberty: Bowers Revised in the Context of State Constitutions 1009-1035
Michael W. Klein The Censor's Red Flair, the Bombs Bursting in Air: The Constitutionality of the Desert Storm Media Restrictions 1037-1076
Elizabeth Harris Desperate for Revenue: The States' Unconstitutional Use of the Unitary Method to Apportion the Taxable Income of Foreign Parent Corporations 1077-1105
John C. Barker Constitutional Privacy Rights in the Private Workplace, Under the Federal and California Constitutions 1107-1162
Sandra Elizabeth Stone HIV Testing and Insurance Applicants: Exploring Constitutional Alternatives to Statutory Protections 1163-1195

Volume 18: Issue 1
Louis Raveson A New Perspective on the Judicial Contempt Power: Recommendations for Reform 1-66
Eulis Simien, Jr. It Is a Constitution We Are Expounding 67-124
James G. wilson Altered States: A Comparison of Separation of Powers in the United States and in the United Kingdom 125-188
Christina White Nevins The Constitutionality of Oakland's Nuclear Free Zone Ordinance 189-210
Alice McGill Murray v. Giarratano: Right to Counsel in Postconviction Proceedings in Death Penalty Cases 211-236
Braden J. Tedesco National Collegiate Athletic Association v. Tarkanian: A Death Knell for the Symbiotic Relationship Test 237-256

Volume 18: Issue 2
Chris Moore Dedication to Bret Leslie Lansdale 257-285
Donald E. Lively The First Amendment at Its Third Century: Reckoning with the Ravages of Time 259-294
Rosemary C. Salomone From Widmar to Mergens: The Winding Road of First Amendment Analysis 295-324
Gregory S. Sergienko and Maureen B. Callahan Full Faith and Credit, Choice of Laws, and Extraterritorial Regulation of Corporate Transactions 325-370
Eric B. Schnurer The Inadequate and Dependent "Adequate and Independent State Grounds" Doctrine 371-391
Marta Goldman Stanton Florida Star v. B.J.F.: The Wrongful Obliteration of the Tort of Invasion of Privacy Through the Publication of Private Facts 391-416
Bret L. Lansdale A Procedural Due Process Attach on FDA Regulations: Getting New Drugs to People with AIDS 417-440

Volume 18: Issue 3
Leslie W. Abramson Clarifying Fair Play and Substantial Justice: How the Courts Apply the Supreme Court Standard for Personal Jurisdiction 441-469
Marsha N. Cohen Getting New Drugs to People with AIDS: A Public Policy Response to Lansdale 471-485
Ann MacLean Massie Restricting Surrogacy to Married Couples: A Constitutional Problem--The Married-Parent Requirement in the Uniform Status of Children of Assisted Conception Act 487-540
David Shelledy Autonomy, Debate, and Corporate Speech 541-585
Henry C. Strickland The State Action Doctrine and the Rehnquist Court 587-666
Yvonne F. Lindgren The Emissions Trading Policy: Smoke on the Horizon for Takings Clause Claimants Note 667-694
Debra L. Watanuki Federal Civil Rights: Fact or Fiction--A Proposal to Remove Eleventh Amendment Immunity in Section 1983 Actions Note 695-721

Volume 18: Issue 4
Shirley S. Abrahamson Divided We Stand: State Constitutions in a More Perfect Union 723-744
Frank Askin Secret Justice and the Adversary System 745-778
Leslye DeRoos Rood and Ann K. Grossman The Case for a Federal Journalist's Testimonal Shield Statute 779-818
Hayward D. Reynolds The Concept of Jurisdiction: Conflicting Legal Ideologies and Persistent Formalist Subversion 819-880
Rebecca Burton Garland Second Children Second Best? Equal Protection for Successive Families Under State Child Support Guidelines 881-906
Theodore G. Phillips Beyond 16 U.S.C. � 1247(d): The Scope of Congress's Power to Preserve Railroad Rights-of-Way 907-928

Volume 17: Issue 1
Stanley Mosk Introduction 1-12
Christian G. Fritz More Than "Shreds and Patches": California's First Bill of Rights 13-34
Harry N. Scheiber Race, Radicalism, and Reform: Historical Perspective on the 1879 California Constitution 35-80
Margaret C. Crosby New Frontiers: Individual Rights Under the California Constitution 81-110
Jennifer Friesen Should California's Constitutional Guarantees of Individual Rights Apply Against Private Actors? 111-138
Scott E. Sundby Is Abandoning State Action Asking Too Much of the Constitution? 139-150
Julian N. Eule Checking California's Plebiscite 151-158
Hans A. Linde When Is Initiative Lawmaking Not "Republican Government"? 159-174
Daniel Hays Lowenstein and Robert M. Stern The First Amendment and Paid Initiative Petition Circulators: A Dissenting View and a Proposal 175-224
Brian E. Gray "In Search of Bigfoot": The Common Law Origins of Article X, Section 2 of the California Constitution 225-274
Harrison C. Dunning Article X, Section 2: From Maximum Water Development to Instream Flow Protection 275-280

Volume 17: Issue 2
Arthur J. Goldberg A Kinder and Gentler Supreme Court? 287-292
Lynn S. Branham Out of Sight, Out of Danger?: Procedural Due Process and the Segregation of HIV-Positive Inmates 293-352
David L. Faigman By What Authority?: Reflections on the Constitutionality and Wisdom of the Flag Protection Act of 1989 353-368
Calvin R. Massey Pure Symbols and the First Amendment 369-382
Daniel Shaviro The Supreme Court's Bifurcated Interpretation of the Confrontation Clause 383-398
William G. Myers III The Role of Special Interest Groups in the Supreme Court Nomination of Robert Bork 399-420
Catherine Hebert Prohibition of Public Funding for Abortion Counseling: Government Violation of Women's Constitutional Right of Privacy 421-438
Thomas Preston Klein "Experimenting" with State Constitutional Limits on Punitive Damages in California: Application of the California Excessive Fines Clause 439-482

Volume 17: Issue 3
Donald E. Lively The Supreme Court and Affirmative Action: Whose Classification is Suspect 483-502
Sharlene A. McEvoy The Big Chill: Business Use of the Tort of Defamation to Discourage the Exercise of First Amendment Rights 503-532
David R. Cochran The Privacy Expectation: A Comparison of Federal and California Constitutional Standards for Drug Testing in Amateur Athletics 533-566
Juliana J. Keaton Does the Fifth Amendment Takings Clause Mandate Relief for Victims of Diplomatic Immunity Abuse 567-608
Peter Richman For the Want of a Nail... the War Was Lost: Seperation of Powers and United States Counter-Terrorism Policy During the Regan Years 609-658

Volume 17: Issue 4
Dawn Cartwright Constitutionality without Wisdom: Caplin &(and) Drysdale and Monsanto Examined 659-698
Tamar Fruchtman City of Richmond v. J.A. Croson Co. Charting a Course through the Supreme Court's Affirmative Action Decisions 699-724
Jon Gravenman Florida v. Riley: The Descent of Fourth Amendment Protections in Aerial Survelliance Cases 725-758
Gail Secor Michael H. v. Gerald D.: Due Process and Equal Protection Rights of Unwed Fathers 759-790

Volume 16: Issue 1
Arthur J. Goldberg The Death Penalty Revisted 1-6
Rosalyn S. Zakheim, John K. Hanft, and Laurene Wu McClain Oral History: Justice Joseph R. Grodin 7-68
Paul Wolfson Preemption and Federalism: The Missing Link 69-114
Gregory M Brown Do Judicial "Scarlet Letters" Violate the Cruel and Unusual Punishments Clause of the Eighth Amendment? 115-140

Volume 16: Issue 2
Ronald K. L. Collins and David M. Skover The Senator and the Constitution: An Interview with Orrin G. Hatch 141-164
Harold I. Abramson A Fifth Branch of Government: The Private Regulators and Their Constitutionality 165-220
Kevin D. DeBre Patents on People and the U.S. Constitution: Creating Slaves or Enslaving Science 221-260
Lynn S. Searle The Administrative Search from Dewey to Burger: Dismantling the Fourth Amendment 261-294

Volume 16: Issue 3
Hans A. Linde "A Republic . . . If You Can Keep It." 295-328
Edward P. Richards The Jurisprudence of Prevention: The Right of Societal Self-Defense Against Dangerous Individuals 329-392
Keith Werhan Toward an Eclectic Approach to Separation of Powers: Morrison . Olson Examined 393-452
JoAnne L. Dunec Voter Standing: A New Means for Third Parties to Challenge the Tax-Exempt Status of Nonprofit Organizations? 453-482
S. Alan Ray Lyng v. Northwest Indian Cemetery Protective Association: Government Property Rights and the Free Exercise Clause 483-512

Volume 16: Issue 4
Alexandra Petrich Bowen v. Kendrick: Retreat from Prophylaxis in Church-State Relationships 513-552
David N. Lathrop Braswell v. United States: The Collective Entity Doctrine and the Compelled Testimony Standard 553-580
Michele Benson Kadrmas v. Dickinson Public Schools: A Search for a Consistent Equal Protection Standard in Education 581-602
William L. Weigand III Morrison v. Olson: Renewed Acceptance for a Functional Approach to Separation of Powers 603-622
Anthony L. Leto New York State Club Association v. City of New York: Ending Gender-Based Discrimination in Private Clubs--Are Associational Rights Still Protected 623-638
Timothy P. Prince Webster v. Doe: Toward Constitutional Protection of Gays against Governmental Discrimination 639-656

Volume 15: Issue 1
Arthur J. Goldberg Death and the Supreme Court 1-6
Michael Scott Feeley The Dissent of Theology: A Legal Analysis of the Curran Case 7-44
Roger Goldman and Steven Puro Decertification of Police: An Alternative to Traditional Remedies for Police Misconduct 45-80
Burr Henly "Penumbra": The Roots of a Legal Metaphor 81-100
Maria Louisa Hekker Constitutional Issues Raised by Diplomatic Relations Between the United States and the Holy See 101-124
Janice L. Weis Federal Reserved Water Rights in Wilderness Areas: A Progress Report on a Western Water Fight 125-154
Gary P. Downs The California Campaign Spending Limits Act of 1988: A Constitutional Analysis 155-180
Ina L. Potter Arcara v. Cloud Books, Inc.: Locking Out Prostitution 181-192

Volume 15: Issue 2
Mark Pierce, Patricia Seitas, Kirk McAllister, and Matthew St. George Oral History: Justice Otto Kaus 193-268
Louis F. Claiborne Black Men, Red Men, and the Constitution of 1787: A Bicentennial Apology from a Middle Templar 269-294
David S. Cohn Offensive Use of the Insanity Defense: Imposing the Insanity Defense over the Defendant's Objection 295-318
Shari J. Cohen Circumventing Due Process: A Judicial Response to Criminal Recidivism under the Bail Reform Act 319-358
Elisabeth C. Brandon From Tameny to Foley: Time for Constitutional Limitations on California's Employment at Will Doctrine? 359-390

Volume 15: Issue 3
Joseph R. Grodin Some Reflections on State Constitutions Commentary 391-402
Robert F. Williams Experience Must Be Our Only Guide: The State Constitutional Experience of the Framers of the Federal Constitution 403-427
Earl M. Maltz False Prophet--Justice Brennan and the Theory of State Constitutional Law 429-249
Robert F. Utter and Edward J. Larson Church and State on the Frontier: The History of the Establishment Clauses in the Washington State Constitution 451-478
Gary Underwood Scharff In re Quilan Revisited: The Judicial Role in Protecting the Privacy of Dying Incompetents Note 479-512
Brian Bertonneau Estate of Thornton v. Caldor, Inc.: Defining Sabbath Rights in the Workplace Comment 513-532
Linn Van Meter-Drew Stein v. Plainwell Community Schools-- The American Civil Religion and the Establishment Clause Comment 533-547

Volume 15: Issue 4
Leslie Bender The Powell-Stevens Debates on Federalism and Separation of Powers 549-548
Howard M. Friedman Why Do You Speak That Way?--Symbolic Expression Reconsidered 587-602
Jennifer Friesen The Costs of "Fee Speech"--Restrictions on the Use of Union Dues to Fund New Organizing 603-648
Jeffrey S. Koppelmaa South Dakota v. Dole: A Study in Conditional Spending and Missed Opportunity 649-668
Julianne C. Sylva California v. Brown: Against the Antisympathy Instruction 669-684

Volume 14: Issue 1
Anthony Lewis Preserving the System: The Role of Judges 1-20
Arthur J. Goldberg The Rehnquist Court 21-24
Ruti G. Teitel Debating Conviction Against Conviction -- Constitutional Considerations on the Sanctuary Movement 25-42
Donald E. Lively Separate but Equal: The Low Road Reconsidered 43-76
Daniel L. Rotenberg Private Remedies for Constitutional Wrongs -- A Matter of Perspective, Priority, and Process 77-110
Stacey Lynne Boyle Marital Status Classifications: Protecting Homosexual and Heterosexual Cohabitors 111-140
John K. Haggerty Ten Dollar Attorney Fee Limitation and Preclusion of Judicial Review in the Veterans Administration 141-172
Robert H. Horn Shoemaker v. Handel: Alcohol and Drug Testing and the Pervasive Regulation Exception to the Fourth Amendment's Administrative Search Warrant Requirement 173-196

Volume 14: Issue 2
Arthur J. Goldberg International Law and National Security 197-204
William D. Popkin Legislative Self-Constraint: A Reply to Professor Kahn 205-224
Bernard S. Jefferson and David Doyle Oral History: Justice Bernard S. Jefferson 225-288
Leslie E. Gerwin The Deference Dilemma: Judicial Responses to the Great Legislative Power Giveaway 289-394
JoAnna A. Gekas California's Prayer Healing Dilemma 395-420
C. Leigh Haynes The Envelope, Please: Problems and Proposals for Electronic Mail Surveillance 421-450
Vernon M. Winters Criminal RICO Forfeitures and the Eighth Amendment: Rough Justice Is Not Enough 451-484

Volume 14: Issue 3
Warren E. Burger Preface 485-485
J. Skelly Wright The Judicial Right and the Rhetoric of Restraint: A Defense of Judicial Activism in an Age of Conservative Judges 487-523
Douglas W. Kmiec and John O. McGinnis The Contract Clause: A Return to the Original Understanding 525-560
William A. Stanmeyer Keeping the Constitutional Republic: Civic Virtue vs. Pornographic Attack 561-593
Wayne McCormack The Justiciability Myth and the Concept of Law 595-634
M. David Gelfand The Constitutional Position of American Local Government: Retrospect for the Burger Court and Prospect for the Rehnquist Court 635-655
Valerie A. Lexion Language Minority Voting Rights and the English Language Amendment 657-681
Leonard Steinberg Covert Wars and Presidential Power: Judicial Complicity in a Realignment of Constitutional Power 683-714
Bradley D. Gallop The Final Fontier: A Proposed Legal Order for an American Space Settlement 715-761

Volume 14: Issue 4
Norman Vieira School Prayer and the Principle of Uncoerced Listening 763-788
Stuart Biegel The "Safe Schools" Provision: Can a Nebulous Constitutional Right Be a Vehicle for Change? 789-838
William S. Pitman Baker v. Morris and the Right? to confrontation 839-868
Thomas H. Nienow In re R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Inc.: The "Common Sense" Distinction Between Commercial and Noncommercial Speech 869-888
Bryce P. Goeking Kuhlmeier v. Hazelwood School District: Application of the Prior Restraint and Public Forum Doctrines to the Free Expression Rights of High School Students 889-910

Volume 13: Issue 1
Arthur J. Goldberg Status of Apartheid under International Law, The Commentary 1-8
Daniel O. Conkle Nonoriginalist Constitutional Rights and the Problem of Judicial Finality 9-56
William Burnham Injury for Standing Purposes When Constitutional Rights are Violated: Common Law Public Value Adjudication at Work 57-118
Michael T. OConnor Fishing for Evidence: The Expansive Warrantless Search Powers fo Fish and Game Wardens 119-146
Charles P. Maher Preservation of Material Evidence in California: Does Hitch Survive Trombetta 147-169

Volume 13: Issue 2
George Bush In Memory of Justice Potter Stewart 171-172
Ellen Borgersen On the Power of Balance: A Remembrance of Justice Potter Stewart 173-183
Paul W. Kahn Gramm-Rudman and the Capacity of Congress to Control the Future 185-231
Allan Ides Congressional Authority to Regulate the Use of Nuclear Weapons 233-269
David M. Skover "Phoenix Rising" and Federalism Analysis 271-304
Jess Askew III Required Reports and the Privilege Against Self-Incrimination: A Substantive View of the Claim by Silence 305-339
Gregg Crane The Constitutional Right of a Police Officer to Make Political Contributions 341-359
Eric T. Freeman The Twenty-First Amendment and the Commerce Clause: What Rationale Supports Bacchus Imports? 361-387
David W. Thill Federalism and Supreme Court Review: Is Article V an Exception to the Independent and Adequate State Grounds Doctrine? 389-414

Volume 13: Issue 3
Abraham Abramovsky A Case against Automatic Disbarment 415-432
Michael A. Gentle and Sarah Diane McShea Automatic Disbarment: A Convicted Felon's Just Desserts 433-442
James R. McCall Nix v. Whiteside: The Layer's Role in Response to Perjury 443-486
Judith L. Maute Scrutinizing Lawyer Advertising and Solicitation Rules under Commercial Speech and Antitrust Doctrine 487-536
Carol A. Corrigan On Prosecutorial Ethics 537-544
Thomas S. Donovan Legal Ethics, Client Perjury and the Privilege against Self-Incrimination 545-578
Judith Tury Constitutional Problems with Late Motions to Disqualify Criminal Defense Counsel: A Proposed Solution 579-598

Volume 13: Issue 4
Ronald K.L. Collins, Peter J. Galie and John Kincaid State High Courts, State Constitutions, and Individual Rights Litigation Since 1980: A Judicial Survey 599-624
Richard Klein The Emperor Gideon Has No Clothes: The Empty Promise of the Constitutional Right to Effective Assistance of Counsel 625-694
Karen M. Blum Applying the Parratt/Hudson Doctrine: Defining the Scope of the Logan Established State Procedure Exception and Determining the Adequacy of State Postdeprivation Remedies 695-732
Renee I. Wolf Municipal Liability under City of Oklahoma City v. Tuttle: Federalism, Due Process, and the Implications of a Restricted Section 1983 Remedy 733-760
Michyle A. LaPedis California Workfare Legislation and the Right of Privacy 761-784
Richard Finacom Successive Prosecutions and the Continuing Criminal Enterprise: The Double Jeopardy Analysis in Garrett v. United States 785-816
Bob Wenbourne Phillips Petroleum Company v. Shutts, Procedural Due Process, and Absent Class Plaintiffs: Minim Contacts Is Out--Is Individual Notice In? 817-836

Volume 12: Issue 1
Brian A. Freeman The Supreme Court and First Amendment Rights of Students in the Public School Classroom: A Proposed Model of Analysis 1-70
Jonathan B. Baker Has the Contract Clause Counter-Revolution Halted Rhetoric, Rights, and Markets in Constitutional Analysis 71-104
Dan Stormer The Impact of Kolender v. Lawson on Law Enforcement and Minority Groups 105-126
Loren E. Hillberg In re Estate of Wilson: Constitutional and Trust Law Tests for Validity of Gender-Restricted Scholarship Trusts 127-148
Rennika H. Thoon Equal Protection and the Passive Enforcement System of Draft Registration: Selective Service or Selective Prosecution -- United States v. Wayte 149-176

Volume 12: Issue 2
Ray Forrester A Tribute to Russell N. Sullivan 177-178
Bernard Schwartz Earl Warren as a Judge 179-200
Paul R. Dimond Provisional Review: an Exploratory Essay on an Alternative Form of Judicial Review 201-240
Jeffery W. Grass The Penal Dimensions of Punitive Damages 241-314
Karen A. Wells Looking for Mr. Bobb: Equal Protection and Gender-Based Discrimination in Bobb v. Municipal Court 315-346
Bradford J. Shafer The Virginia Take-Over-Bid Disclosure Act after Edgar v. Mite Corp. 347-364

Volume 12: Issue 3
Otto M. Kaus Three Faces of Stanley Mosk 367-370
Joseph A. Wapner Quotable Stanley Mosk 371-378
Edward L. Barrett, Jr. Stanley Mosk, Bakke, and the Davis Commencement 379-382
Richard M. Mosk Early Visions of Justice 383-394
Arthur J. Goldberg Stanley Mosk: A Federalist for the 1980's 395-420
Jan Stevens Life, Liberty, and the Right to Navigate: Justice Mosk and the Public Trust 421-442
Eric Goldman Anatomy of a Mosk Opinion 443-462
Mary O'Byrne Sinibaldi Taking Issue in California's Legal Services Trust Account Program 463-514
Debra A. Silverman Defining the Limits of Free Exercise: The Religion Clause Defenses in United States v. Moon 515-528

Volume 12: Issue 4
Ruti Teitel The Unconstitutionality of Equal Access Policies and Legislation Allowing Organized Student-Initiated Religious Activities in the Public High Schools: A Proposal for a Unitary First Amendment Forum Analysis 529-595
Yale L. Rosenberg Constricting Federal Habeas Corpus: From Great Writ to Exceptional Remedy 597-641
Erwin Chemerinsky State Sovereignty and Federal Court Power: The Eleventh Amendment after Pennhurst v. Halderman 643-668
Howard L. Pearlman Dronenburg v. Zech: Strict Construction or Abdication of Judicial Responsibility 669-697

Volume 11: Issue 1
Arthur J. Goldberg The Proposed Constitutional Convention 1-4
Arthur D. Hellman The Supreme Court's Second Thoughts: Remands for Reconsideration and Denials of Review in Cases Held for Plenary Decisions 5-42
James M. Fischer Ballot Propositions: The Challenge of Direct Democracy to State Constitutional Jurisprudence 43-90
Christopher T. Wonnel Economic Due Process and the Preservation of Competition 91-134
Catherine A. Rivlin Showdown Over the California Showup 135-162

Volume 11: Issue 2
Rose Elizabeth Bird Justice Mathew O. Tobriner--A Man of Uncommon Grace 161-164
J. Skelly Wright In Priase of State Courts: Confessions of a Federal Judge 165-188
James G. Pope The Three-Systems Ladder of First Amendment Values: Two Rungs and a Black Hole 189-246
Deborah A. Churton-Hale Tinker Goes to the Theater: Student First Amendment Rights and High School Theatrical Productions in Seyfried v. Walton 247-282
Carl P. A. Nelson Sporhase v. Nebraska ex rel. Douglas: A Call for New Approaches to Water Resource Management 283-328
Christina M. Spitzer The Sham Exception to the Noerr-Pennington Doctrine 329-352

Volume 11: Issue 3
Arthur J. Goldberg Managing the Supreme Court's Workload 353-358
William Alsup and Tracy L. Salisbury Comment on Chief Justice Burger's Proposal for a Temporary Panel to Resolve INtercircuit Conflicts, A Commentary 359-370
Edward J. Horowitz and Marc J. Poster Proposed Panel to Resolve Intercircuit COnflicts: A Bried View from the Litgant's Perspective, The Commentary 371-374
Arthurt D. Hellman Proposed Intercircuit Tribunal: Do We Need It--Will It Work 375-456
Todd E. Thompson Increasing Uniformity and Capacity in the Federal Appellate System 457-504
Neal Devins Book Review: The Second American Revolution by John W. Whitehead 505-522

Volume 11: Issue 4
David A. Schlueter Federalism and Supreme Court Review of Expansive State Court Decisions: a Response to Unfortunate Impressions 523-550
Scott David Livingston Plyer v. Doe: Illegal Aliens and the Misguided Search for Equal Protection 599-635
Arthur S. Frumkin The First Amendment and Mandatory Courtroom Closure in Globe Newspaper Co. v. Superior Court: The Press' Right, the Child Rape Victim's Plight 637-664

Volume 10: Issue 1
Justice Stanley Mosk A Tribute to Justice Arthur J. Goldberg 1-6
Arthur J. Goldberg The Supreme Court Reaches Out And Touches Someone--Fatally 7-14
Rosemary C. Salomone Title VI and the Intent/Impact Debate: A Critical Look at "Coextensiveness" 15-80
Stanley C. Brubaker From Incompetent Imperialism to Principled Prudence: The Role of the Courts in Restoring "the State" 81-144
Bruce Nevin Shortt The Establishment Clause and Religion-Based Categories: Taking Entanglement Seriously 145-186
John E. Bolmer, II The Public Forum Doctrine and Haig v. Agee 187-212

Volume 10: Issue 2
Michael E. Solimine and James L. Walker Constitutional Litigation in Federal and State Courts: An Empirical Analysis of Judicial Parity 213-254
Michael Conant The Supremacy Clause and State Economic Controls: The Antitrust Maze 255-284
Joyce Lee Malcolm The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms: The Common Law Tradition 285-314
Laurence E. Wiseman The New Supreme Court Commentators: The Principled, the Political, and the Philosophical 315-432
Carol A. Opotow California Teachers Association v. Riles: California Sets a New Standard for Public Aid to Parochial Schools 433-450
G. Edward White Book Review: Earl Warren - A Public Life 451-463

Volume 10: Issue 3
David Adamany Political Finance and the American Political Parties 497-566
Robert Girard Campaign Finance Reform in California 567-600
Marlene Arnold Nicholson Political Campaign Expenditure Limitations and the Unconstitutional Condition Doctrine 601-648
William C. Oldaker and Donald S. Picard Broadcasters' Rights: Whether to Air Independent Political Action Committee Advertisements 649-678
John S. Shockley Money in Politics: Judicial Roadblocks to Campaign Finance Reform 679-720
Herbert E. Alexander The Future of Election Reform 721-744
Bob Packwood Campaign Finance, Communications and the First Amendment 745-762
Dawn Tae Thorsness Independent Expenditures: Can Survey Research Establish a Link to Declining Citizen Confidence in Government 763-784

Volume 10: Issue 4
Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Proposed Balanced Budget/Tax Limitation Constitutional Amendment: No Balance, No Limits Commentary 785-808
David Dreier and William Craig Stubblebine Balanced Budget/Tax Limitation Amendment, The Commentary 809-818
Robert C. Welsh Whose Federalism-The Burger Court's Treatment of State Civil LIberties Judgments 819-876
Steven K. Derian Defining the State as State: Is a Nonprofit Corporation under Contract with a State to Perform an Integral Government Function Entitled to Immunity from the Fair Labor Standards Act under National League of Cities Note 877-918

Volume 9: Issue 1
Roland K.L. Collins Reliance on State Constitutiona - Away from a Reactionary Approach 1-20
Pnina Lahav American Influence on Israel's Jurisprudence of Free Speech 21-108
Kevin J. O'Brien Plea Bargaining and the Supreme Court: The Limits of Due Process and Substantive Justice 109-152
Marjorie Heins "Other People's Faiths": The Scientology Litigation and the Justiciability of Religious Fraud 153-198
Michael R. Boone Defense Witness Immunity 199-230
Sally A. Roberts Hopson v. Kreps: Bowhead Whales, Alaskan Eskimos, and the Political Question Doctrine 231-256

Volume 9: Issue 2
Jeffrey M. Shaman The Constitution, the Supreme Court, and Creativity 257-278
James W. Torke The Judicial Process in Equal Protection Cases 279-350
Thomas K. Buck Self-Incrimination in Civil Litigation: The Evolution of California's Judicially Created Immunities from Murphy v. Waterfront Commission 351-384
Robert S. Gerstein California's Constitutional Right to Privacy: The Development of the Protection of Private Life 385-428
Colette L. Hughes Liberty from Transfer Trauma: A Fundamental Life and Liberty Interest 429-450
William Ray Forrester Book Review: Democratic Dictatorship: The Emergent Constitution of Control by Arthur S. Miller 451-458

Volume 9: Issue 3
Arthur J. Goldberg Tribute to Justice Abe Fortas 459-462
Susan G. Kupfer Restructuring the Monroe Doctrine: Current Litigation under Section 1983 463-486
Paul Wartelle and Jeffrey Hadley Louden Private Enforcement of Federal Statutes: The Role of the Section 1983 Remedy 487-544
Leon Friedman Parratt v. Taylor: Opening and Closing the Door on Section 1983 545-578
Taunya Lovell Banks The Scope of Section 1985 (3) in Light of Great American Federal Savings and Loan Association v. Novotny: Too Little Too Late 579-606
Johnathan M. Hyman Book Review 607-62
Dan. M. Berkovitz California's Nuclear Power Regulations: Federal Preemption Note 623-668
Betty Hansen Richardson Not a Closed Case: The Wisconsin Open Presidential Primary Note 669-690
Erin M. Ryan Crumbling Wall between Church and State: Attorney General Supervision of Religious Corporations in California Note 691-718

Volume 9: Issue 4
Jordan J. Paust Is the President Bound by the Supreme Law of the Land-Foreign Affairs and National Security Reexamined 719-772
Leland E. Beck Constitution, Congress, and Court: On the Theory, Law, and Politics of Appellate Jurisdiction of the United States Supreme Court 773-850
Ralph U. Whitten Constitutional Limitations of State Choice of Law: Due Process 851-918
G.Alan Tarr and Mary Cornelia Porter Gender Equality and Judicial Federalism: The Role of State Appellate Court 919-973
Karen Havilan Jurisdiction Meets Press: First Amendment Considerations in Jurisdictional Analysis Note 975-1010
Drucilla Stender Ramey Book Review: A Lawyer Looks at the Equal Rights Amendment by Rex E.Lee 1011-1025

Volume 8: Issue 1
James Dickey The Eagle's Mile 1-4
Arthur J. Goldberg The First Amendment and its Protections 5-10
James Duke Cameron The California Supreme Court Hearings--A Tragedy That Should and Could Have Been Avoided 11-28
Richard Marshall Abrams The Effects of Invalidating a Law on the Grounds of Equal Protection 29-46
Robert P. Churchill Dworking's Theory of Consitutional Law 47-92
Robert C. Lind, Jr. Justince Rehnquist: First Amendment Speech in the Labor Context 93-124
Gail Harper Which Equal Protection Standard for Medical Malpractice Legislation 125-152
Peter M. Rehon The Pension Expectation as Constitutional Property 153-197

Volume 8: Issue 2
Robert J. Martineau The Supreme Court and State Regulation of the Legal Profession 199-254
Penny M. Clark Homosexual Public Employees: Utilizing Section 1983 to Remedy Discrimination 255-312
Leslie Friedman Goldstein A Critique of the Abortion Funding Decisions: On Private Rights in the Public Sector 313-342
Morgan D.S. Prickett Stanley Forman Reed: Perspectives on a Judicial Epitaph 343-370
Berndt Igno Brauer The Price-Anderson Act: A Constitutional Meltdown of Tort Liability 371-396
Ray D. Gardner Due Process and Deportation: A Critical Examination of the Plenary Power and the Fundamental Fairness Doctrine 397-428
Herbert Hovenkamp  The Proud Pre-eminence  429-448

Volume 8: Issue 3
Richard B. Cunningham Introduction 449-452
Fred Bosselman and Joel Bonder Potential Immunity of Land Use Control Systems From Civil Rights and Antitrust Liability 453-490
Daniel R. Mandelker Land Use Takings: The Compensation Issue 491-516
Roger A. Cunningham Inverse Condemnation as a Remedy for "Regulatory Takings" 517-544
Robert R. Wright Exculsionary Land Use Controls and the Taking Issue 545-584
Annette B. Kolis Citadels of Privilege: Exclusionary Land Use Regulations and the Presumption of Constitutional Validity 585-616
Frank J. Chmelik The Military Justice System and the Right to Trial by Jury: Size and Voting Requirements of the General Courts-Martial for Service Connected Civilian Offenses 617-644
Marilyn J. Friedman Discovery and Administrative Due Process: A Balance Between an Accused's Right to Discovery and Administrative Efficieny 645-670

Volume 8: Issue 4
C. Akin Blitz Erosion of Official Immunity of Personnel Supervisors in the Public Sector 671-730
Vivian Deborah Wilson Shifting Burdens in Criminal Law: A Burden on Due Process 731-776
Jeffrey H. Blattner The Supreme Court's "Intermediate" Equal Protection Decisions: Five Imperfect Models of Constitutional Equality 777-842
C. Randolph Fishburn Constitutional Judicial Tenure Legislation?-The Words May Be New, But the Song Sounds the Same 843-876
David N. Knudson Federal Refugee Resettlement Policy: Asserting the States' Tenth Amendment Defense 877-922
Robert Lee Stone Book Review: Commentaries on the Laws of England by William Blackstone 923-946

Volume 7: Issue 1
George Winterton The Concept of Extra-Constitutional Executive Power in Domestic Affairs 1-46
George E. Glos The New Spanish Constitution, Comments and Full Text 47-128
Susan Burnett Luten Give Me a Home Where No Salesman Phone: Telephone Solicitation and the First Amendment 129-164
Richard L. Rubin The Resurrection of the Right-Privilege Distinction? A Critical Look at Maher v. Roe and Bordenkircher v. Hayes 165-216
Barbara Cray Due Process Considerations in Hospital Staff Privileges Cases 217-262

Volume 7: Issue 2
John E. Nowak Foreword: Evaluating the Work of the New Libertarian Supreme Court 263-314
Berndt I. Brauer Supreme Court Review: 1978-79 Term 315-522
Howard O. Hunter The Continuing Debate over Tuition Tax Credits 523-578

Volume 7: Issue 3
David M. OBrien The First Amendment and the Public's "Right to Know" 579-631
Alfred T. Goodwin Press-Court Relations: Can They Be Improved? 633-642
Leon Thomas David California Cities and the Constitution of 1879: General Laws and Municiapl Affairs 643-699
Elizabeth Symonds Mental Patients' Rights to Refuse Drugs: Involuntary Medication As Cruel and Unusual Punishment 701-738
Geoffrey F. Aronow The Special Master in School Desegregation Cases: The Evolution of Roles in the Reformation of Public Institutions Through Litigation 739-775
Morgan D.S. Prickett The Right of Privacy: A Black View of Grisowld v. Connecticut 777-829
David B. Lloyd In Re Governorship: Curbing Mike Curb-Constitutionally 831-855

Volume 7: Issue 4
None Judge J. Skelly Wright: Thirty Years-Introduction p.857-858
William J. Brennan Jr. Chief Judge J. Skelly Wright Symposium p.859-861
Arthur J. Goldberg Tribute to Chief Judge J. Skelly Wright, A Symposium: Judge J Skelly Wright: Thirty Years 862-863
David L. Bazelon Colleagues's Tribute to Chief Judge J. Skelly Wright, A Symposium: Judge J. Skelly Wright: Thirty Years 864-868
Elbert P. Tuttle Chief Judge Skelly Wright: Some Words of Appreciation Symposium: Judge J. Skelly Wright: Thirty Years 869-872
Thomas C. Grey J. Skelly Wright Symposium: Judge J. Skelly Wright: Thirty Years 873-878
John P. Frank Judge Wright and the First Amendment Symposium: Judge J. Skelly Wright: Thirty Years 879-906
Martin Lyon Levine Great Executive Hand of Criminal Justice: The Crime problem and the Activist Judge  907-970
Michale S. Bernick Unusual Odyssey of J. Skelly Wright, The Symposium: Judge J. Skelly Wright: Thirty Years 971-1000
Kevin William Finck Nonpartisan Speech in the Police Department: The Aftermath of Pickering Note 1001-p.1031
John Heisse Warrantlesss Automobile Searches and Telephonic Search Warrants: Should the Automobile Exception be Redrawn Note 1032-1060
Stephen Traverse In Re Marriage of Stenquist: Equal Protection for the Disability Pension Recipient in California Community Property Law  1061-1105

Volume 6: Issue 1
Bernard Schwartz Foreward-The Supreme Court, October 1977 Term 1-18
Marc H. Greenberg, Jeanne La Borde Scholz, Anne Hiaring, and Rosemay Hart Constitutional Review: Supreme Court, October 1977 Term 19-236
Robert F. Nagel Judicial Immunity and Sovereignty 237-268
William T. Pizzi Prosecutorial Discretion, Pleas Bargaining and the SUpreme Court's Opinion in Bordenkircher v. Hayes 269-296
John M. Simpson Turning Over the Reins: The Abolition of the Mandatory Appellate Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court 297-344
Carmen Brenneise Marshall v. Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists: Expanding the Application of Excessive Entanglement 345-386
Roger K. Newman Book Review: The Douglas Opinions by Vern Countryman 387-400

Volume 6: Issue 2
Louis Lusky Government by Judiciary: What Price Legitimacy Symposium 403-436
Wallace Mendelson Raoul Berger's Fourteenth Amendment--Abuse by Contraction vs. Abuse by Expansion 437-454
K.C. Cerny Appendix to the Opinion of the Court 455-466
Henry J. Abraham Equal Justice under Law or Justice At Any Cost--The Judicial Role Revisited: Reflections on Government by Judiciary: The Transformation of the Fourteenth Amendment Symposium 467-486
Arthur S. Miller The Elusive Search for Values in Constitutional Interpretation 487-510
Stanley I. Kutler Raoul Berger's Fourteenth Amendment: A History or Ahistorical Symposium 511-526
Raoul Berger Scope of Judicial Review: An Ongoing Debate 527-636
Leo Kanowitz The ERA: The Task Ahead 637-662
Jeanne La Borde Scholz Comment: Out of the Closet, Out of a Job: Due Process in Teacher Disqualification 663-718

Volume 6: Issue 3
Julius Stone Equal Protection in Special Admission Programs: Forward from Bakke 719-750
John Whelan and John M. Smith Contracts Under Grants-In-Aid--An Aspect of United States Federal-State-Local Relations 751-785
Peter W. Sperlich and Martin L. Jaspovich Methods for the Analysis of Jury Panel Selections: Testing for Discrimination in a Series of Panels 787-852
Gayle Binion Justice Potter Stewart on Racial Equality: WHat it Means to be a Moderate 853-908
Robert S. Catz and Howard B. Lenard Federal Pre-emption and the "Right" of Undocumented Alien Children to a Public Education: A Partial Reply 909-932
Roberta L. Cairney Sunlight in the County Jail: Houchins v. KQED, Inc. and Constitutional Protection for Newsgathering 933-973

Volume 6: Issue 4
George Deukmejian and Clifford K. Thompson, Jr. All Sail and No Anchor--Judicial Review under the California Constitution 975-1010
James R. Kahn In Accordance with a Constitutional Plan: Procedural Due Process and Zoning Decisions 1011-1060
Deborah B. Klipstein and Daryl J. Weinroth Conservationship of Roulet: Civil Commitment and Due Process in California 1061-1106
David P. Graybeal Reflections on the Golden Spike: A Look at the Bankruptcy Reform Act and Railroad Reorganization 1107-1136
John Peter Giraudo Judicial Review and Comparative Politics: An Explanation for the Extensiveness of American Judicial Review Offered from the Perspective of Comparative Government 1137-1186
C. Herman Pritchett Book Review: Constitutional Government in America 1187-1196

Volume 5: Issues 1 & 2
Arthur J. Goldberg The Death Penalty for Rape 1-14
Joseph P. Zammit Reflections on Shaffer v. Heitner 15-24
Thomas R. Hurst Municipal Bonds and the Contract Clause: Looking Beyond United States Trust Company v. New Jersey 25-60
Michael P. Lehmann and Mary C. Eklund Constitutional Review: Supreme Court, 1976-77 Term 61-420
John Phillip Reid Governance of the Elephant: Constitutional Theory on the Overland Trail 421-444
June Eichbaum The Antagonism Between Freedom of Speech and Seditious Libel 445-460
Robert F. Kane and Felix Velarde-Munoz Undocumented Aliens and the Constitution: Limitations on State Action Denying Undocumented Children Access to Public Education 461-506
Rosemary Hart Retail Price Maintenance for Liquor: Does the Twenty-First Amendment Preclude a Free Trade Market? 507-562
Patricia J. Neel Ray v. Atlantic Richfield: A Case for Preemption 563-598

Volume 5: Issue 3
Jean Alfange, Jr. On Judicial Policymaking and Constitutional Change: Another Look at the Original Intent Theory of Constitutional Interpretation 603-638
Carl M. Selinger, Jon Van Dyke, Riki Amano, Ken Takenaka, and Robert Young Selected Constitutional Issues Related to Growth Management in the State of Hawaii 639-714
Kevin L. Domecus Congressional Prerogatives, the Constitution and a National Court of Appeals 715-765

Volume 5: Issue 4
Michael P. Lehmann The Bill of Attainder Doctrine: A Survey of Decisional Law 767-966
Michael P. Lehmann The Bill of Attainder Doctrine: A Survey of Decisional Law 967-1012
Michael H. Levin OSHA and the Sixth Amendment: When Is a "Civil" Penalty Criminal in Effect 1013-1070

Volume 4: Issue 1
Leslie Friedman Goldstein Death and Transfiguration of the State Action Doctrine- Moose Lodge v. Irvis to Runyon v. McCrary 1-34
Deborah A. Coleman Equal Access and the First Amendment: The Debate Behind "Speech or Debate" 35-66
Carl E. Schwarz Rights and Remedies in the Federal District Courts of Mexico and the United States 67-108
David Mitchell Ivester The Constitutional Right to Know 109-164
Marita K. Marshall Will the Victor be Denied the Spoils? Constitutional Challenges to Patronage Dismissals 165-186
Richard Harris Gag Orders on the Press: A Due Process Defense to Contempt Citations 187-218

Volume 4: Issue 2
Emily Calhoun The Supreme Court and the Constitutional Rights of Prisoners: a Reappraisal 219-248
James Duke Cameron The Place for Judicial Activism on the Part of a State's Highest Court 279-294
Robert S. Catz The Demise of the Implied Federal Preemption Doctrine 295-320
Robert J. Lotero The Village of Arlington Heights: Equal Protection in the Suburban Zone 361-384
Roger Oglesby Porno Non Est Pro Bono Publico: Obscenity as a Public Nuisance in California 385-420
Cynthia D. Stevenin Young v. American Mini Theatres, Inc.: Creating Levels of Protected Speech 321-360
Sidney M. Wolinsky Seduction in Wonderland:The Need for a Seller's Fiduciary Duty Toward Children 249-278

Volume 4: Issue 3
Michael E. Andrews Serrano II: Equal Access to School Resources and Fiscal Neutrality-A View From Washington State 425-452
James W. Briggs, Donovan M. Main Serrano II-A Case of Missed Opportunities? 453-486
Lee S. Friedman The Ambiguity of Serrano: Two Concepts of Wealth Neutrality 487-504
Frank W. Lutz Serrano v. Priest: A Cultural Perspective 505-510
Stephen D. Sugarman Principled Serrano Reform 511-530
Michael P. Lehmann Bivens and its Progeny: The Scope of a Constitutional Cause of Action for Torts Committed by Government Officials 531-604
Glynda Leanette Flentroy The Struggle of Blacks For Equal Educational Opportunity: An Overview 605-636
Carleton H. A. Taber Consent, Not Morality, As The Proper Limitation On Sexual Privacy 637-664

Volume 4: Issue 4
Raymond L. Sullivan Symposium: A Tribute to Chief Justice Donald R. Wright 667-672
Marvin J. Anderson Symposium: A Tribute to Chief Justice Donald R. Wright 673-674
Louis H. Burke Symposium: A Tribute to Chief Justice Donald R. Wright 675-676
Thomas Ehrlich Symposium: A Tribute to Chief Justice Donald R. Wright 677-678
Shirley M. Hufstedler Symposium: A Tribute to Chief Justice Donald R. Wright 679-682
Ralph N. Kleps Symposium: A Tribute to Chief Justice Donald R. Wright 683-688
Stanley Mosk Symposium: A Tribute to Chief Justice Donald R. Wright 689-692
Dorothy W. Nelson Symposium: A Tribute to Chief Justice Donald R. Wright 693-696
A. Alan Post Symposium: A Tribute to Chief Justice Donald R. Wright 697-698
John A. Sutro Symposium: A Tribute to Chief Justice Donald R. Wright 699-700
Mathew O. Tobriner Symposium: A Tribute to Chief Justice Donald R. Wright 701-702
Victor E. Gleason Los Angeles v. San Fernando: Ground Water Management in the Grand Tradition 703-714
William M. Goodman People v. Rutherford: Reversible Error Standards for Prosecutorial Suppression of Evidence 715-722
Kenneth L. Jesmore Toward the Preservation of Personal Privacy: Chief Justice Wright's Opinions on Search and Seizure and the Right of Privacy 723-738
Marc A. Levinson Bertero v. National General Corp.: Drawing the Line between an Aggressive Defense and Malicious Prosecution 739-746
William C. Owens, Jr. People v. Taylor: Collateral Estoppel in Criminal Cases--Key Principles and Policies 747-756
Robert V. Vallandigham, Jr. People v. Olivas: The Concept of Personal Liberty as a Fundamental Interest in Equal Protection Analysis 757-768
James E. Crawford Chief Justice Wright and the Third Party Beneficiary Problem 769-788
John Bilyeu Oakley Taking Wright Seriously: Of Judicial Discretion, Jurisprudents, and the Chief Justice 789-854
Gordon Van Kessel Prosecutorial Discovery and the Privilege against Self-Incrimination: Accommodation or Capitulation 855-900
David E. Wheeler Establishment Clause Neutrality and the Reasonable Accomodation Requirement 901-934
Andrea Jane Grefe The Family Viewing Hour: An Assault on the First Amendment 935-990

Volume 3: Issue 1
Arthur J. Goldberg Tribute to Justice Douglas, A Commentary 1-2
William O. Douglas Mr. Justice Douglas: One Man's Opinions Commentary 
Edward McWhinney Credentials of State Delegations to the U.N. General Assembly: A New Approach to Effectuation of Self-Determination for Southern Africa 19-36
Henry J. Abraham, Bruce Allen Murphy The Influence of Sitting and Retired Justices on Presidential Supreme Court Nominations 37-64
Jon Van Dyke Voir Dire: How Should it Be Conducted to Ensure That Our Juries are Representative and Impartial 65-98
Mark D. Rosenbaum Inviolability of Privacy Belonging to a Citizen's Political Loyalties 99-140
Leo Kanowitz Deciding Federal Law Issues in Civil Proceedings: State Versus Federal Trial Courts 141-171
John Michael Haggerty Judicial Review of Military Administrative Decisions 171-198
Kenneth A. Davis Racial Designation in Louisana: One Drop of Black Blood Makes a Negro 199-228
Lawrence J. Leigh Informational Privacy: Constitutional Challenges to the Collection and Dissemination of Personal Information by Government Agencies 229-260
David P. Hodges Electronic Visual Surveillance and the Fourth Amendment: the Arrival of Big Brother 261-299
Michael F. Kelley The Constitutional Implications of the Mayaguez Incident 301-338

Volume 3: Issue 2
Lee Coleman, Trudy Solomon Parens Patriae Treatment: Legal Punishment in Disguise 345-362
Victor A. Kovner Disturbing Trends in the Law of Defamation: A Publishing Attorney's Opinion 363-372
Isidore Silver Warren Court Critics: Where Are They Now That We Need Them 373-452
Roland E. Jr. Walker One Man-One Vote: In Pursuit of an Elusive Idea 453-484
Donna Petre Styne, Catherine Miller Van Aken Warth v. Seldin: The Substantial Probability Test 485-516
Seth Dawson Due Process v. Defense Counsel's Unilateral Waiver of the Defendant's Right to Testify 517-542
Michael P. Lehmann Triangulating the Limits on the Tort of Invasion of Privacy: The Development of the Remedy in Light of the Expansion of Constitutional Privilege 543-598
George M. Grant Donaldson, Dangerousness, and the Right to Treatment 599-628

Volume 3: Issue 3
Arthur J. Goldberg Constitutional American Foreign Policy, A Commentary 631-636
William H. Rehnquist Chief Justices I Never Knew Commentary 637-656
Jerry Muskrat Constitution and the American Indian: Past and Prologue, The Commentary 657-678
Anthony Lewis Constitutional Faith, A Commentary 679-698
Leon Thomas David Our California Constitutions: Retrospections in This Bicentennial Year 697-760
Elaine Bayus Constitutional Status of Commercial Expression, The Note 761-802
Richard D. Hoffman So You Want to Move to the Suburbs: Policy Formulation and the Constitutionality of Municipal Growth-Restricting Plans Note 803-848
Leslie Tyler Federal Trade Commission Today: The New Improved Improvements Act, The Note 849-878

Volume 3: Issue 4
Larry M. Lavinsky A Moment of Truth on Radically Based Admissions 879-890
Jon Van Dyke Bakke v. The Regents of the University of California 891-898
William J. Bennett Constitution and the Moral Order 899-918
Philip H. Rhinelander Law, Morality, and Thoreau 919-932
Edmund L. Pincoffs Bennett on the Moral Order 933-936
Edwin J. Delattre On the Constitution and the Moral Order 937-940
William J. Bennett Constitution and the Moral Order 941-946
Steven R. Schlesinger Civil Disobedience: The Problem of Selective Obedience to Law 947-960
Sanford Bryon Gabin Judicial Review, James Bradley Thayer, and the Reasonable Doubt Test 961-1014
Gregory Mellon Fox and Barbara Rosenfeld Davis Density Bonus Zoning to Provide Low and Moderate Cost Housing 1015-1072
David H. Ryan United States v. Madchetti and Alfred A. knopf, Inc. v. Colby: Secrecy 2; First Amendment 0 1073-1108

Volume 2: Issue 1
Peter W. Sperlich Statistical Decision Theory and the Selection of Grand Jurors: Testing for Discrimination in a Single Panel 75-112
Charles A. Dell'Ario Remedies for School Segregation: A Limit on the Equity Power of the Federal Courts? 113-152
Jeffrey M. Shaman The Rule of Reasonableness in Constitutional Adjudication: Toward the End of Irresponsible Judicial Review and the Establishment of a Viable Theory of the Equal Protection Clause 153-178
Michael M. Burns Class Struggle in the Suburbs: Exclusionary Zoning against the Poor 179-202
L. Gene Sanford California Bankers Association v. Shultz: An Attack on the Bank Secrecy Act 203-220
Thomas Boggs Richards The Value of the Copyright Clause in Construction of Copyright Law 221-250
Ken Keller Border Searches Revisited: The Constitutional Propriety of Fixed and Temporary Checkpoint Searches 251-276
Richard Adley Salomon The Case against Impoundment 277-308

Volume 2: Issue 2
Robert J. Reinstein An Early View of Executive Powers and Privilege: The Trial of Smith and Ogden 309-348
Norman C. Amaker Milliken v. Bradley: The Meaning of the Constitution in School Desegregation Cases 349-372
Fletcher N. Baldwin Jr. Western Constitutionalism and African Nationbuilding: The Anglophonic East African Experience 373-404
David S. Clark Judicial Protection of the Constitution in Latin America 405-442
O.Hood Phillips Self-Limitation by the United Kingdom Parliament 443-478
Duane W. Reno Notice and Due Process in Federal Class Actions: A Requiem for Revised Rule 23 479-518
Alan Carlson Due Process Considerations in Grievance Arbitration Proceedings 519-546
Peter L. Colt Military Due Process and Selection of Court-Martial Panels: An Illogical Gap in Fundamental Protection 547-570
Daniel F. Cook Electronic Surveillance, Title III and the Requirement of Necessity 571-618
Patricia Stern Green Kings' Garden Inc. v. FCC: Loosening the Political Hands of Caesar 619-644

Volume 2: Issue 3
Harrop A. Freeman The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Taxes: Toward a Democratic Theory of Tax Reform 681-716
Douglas P. Elliott Cloak and Ledger: Is CIA Funding Constitutional 717-756
Peter L. Fitzgerald Executive Agreements and the Intent behind the Treaty Power 757-772
Marsha Morrow McLaughlin Constitutional Right of Privacy and Investigative Consumer Reports: Little Brother Is Watching You 773-828
Lawrence K. Rockwell The Public's Right to Know: Pell v. Procunier and Saxbe v. Washington Post Co. 829-858
Ved P. Nanda The Constitutional Framework and the Current Political Crisis in India 859-872
Jordan J. Paust Constitutional Prohibitions of Cruel, Inhumane or Unnecessary Death, Injury or Suffering during Law Enforcement Process 873-892

Volume 2: Issue 4
Lawrence A. Alexander Cutting the Gordian Knot: State Action and Self-Help Repossession 893-934
William V. Frame Village of Belle Terre v. Boraas: Property Rights, Personal Rights and the Liberal Regime 935-960
Roy G. Weatherup Standing Armies and Armed Citizens: An Historical Analysis of the Second Amendment 961-1002
David F. Schwartz American Citizenship after Afroyim and Bellei: Continuing Controversy 1003-1028
Simona F. Rosales Resident Aliens and the Right to Work: The Quest for Equal Protection 1029-1064
Robert Andrew Harkness Due Process in Sentencing: A Right to Rebut the Presentence Report 1065-1090
Julie Bomke Bannerman Constitutional Issues in the Settlement of Property Claims against Foreign States 1091-1126
Patricia E. Cole Parens Patriae in Antitrust: A Blessing for the Consumer or an Affront to the Fourteenth Amendment 1127-1150
Barbara J. Konkle Nielsen v. the Regents: Children as Pawns or Persons 1151-1176
Lynda D. Nelson Gordon v. Justice Court: Defendant's Right to a Competent Tribunal 1177-1206

Volume 1: Issue 1
Tom C. Clark Introduction 1-4
Arthur J. Goldberg The Question of Impeachment 5-12
Charles L. Black, Jr. The Working Balance of the American Political Departments 13-20
William F. Swindler The Executive Power in State and Federal Constitutions 21-30
Chesterfield Smith The Bar and Watergate: Conversation with Chesterfield Smith 31-38
Robert G. Dixon, Jr. Newmen's Privilege by Federal Legislation: Within Congressional Power 39-62
Jack F. Bonanno The Constitution and Liberated Community Property in California--Some Constitutional Issues and Problems under the Newly Enacted Dymally Bill 97-132
Ann Fagan Ginger A Data Bank on Constitutional Rights 133-152
Susan F. Dewey Battle of the Heavyweights: In This Corner Environmental Rights and in the Far Corner Free Travel Rights 153-178
Douglas A. Voorsanger United States v. Robinson, Gustafson v. Florida, and United States v. Calandra: Death Knell of the Exclusionary Rule 179-214
Allene K. Richardson Hill The Constitutional Constroversy of a Juvenile's Right to Bail in Juvenile Preadjudication Proceedings 215-234
Robert W. Sutis The Extent of the Border 235-250
Elizabeth Hughes Georgius Roe v. Wade: What Rights the Biological Father 251-272
John F. Herlihy United States v. Fuller: Just Compensation under Attack 273-288
Robert F. Eimers Legislative Apportionment: The Contents of Pandora's Box and Beyond 289-309

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